Change Headset from 5kBE to 5k+ after survey

I gently ask the support twice to change my Headset from 5k BE to the 5K+.

I Backed the 8K then i want to change to 5kBE, but i have seen that the SDE is much worse, so i decide to ask once more to change it to the 5k+.

I have no use with the 5kBE, because i mostly play Flight and Racing Sims.

Now i have two times the same answer form the very bad PIMAX support:

Hi friend,

_Sorry for your inconvenience, we cannot provide the service to change the headset model for you since you have made the choice before.
Please be advised.

Best regards,

Pimax Support

what else can i do? Please help, i really have no use for the 5kBE!

@anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu


Post this thread on reddit maybe pimaxusa can help you, he seems to be more customer oriented…


Please provide your backer number. Thank you.

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If Pimax does’nt do the right thing… Maybe someone here that received the 5K+ and wants the BE can swap with you

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Hi Matthew.Xu

my Backer No. 5678