CES 2019 & 8kx - any news?

Looking for status update. Seems like no one asking about it on CES or did I missed it?


Last I heard about a month ago was something along the lines of: “8KX Architecture complete, 95% same as 5K+ and 8K”.
Should mean that they’re ready to produce some test units.

Edit: so the answer is “no” I guess

One of the reasons i am sticking with the 8k is the POSSIBLE HYPOTHETICAL MAYBE upgrade to 8k-x

I can’t wait.

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@Matthew.Xu: just to politely inquire - is there any update Pimax can share about the 8K(x) ? I am fully aware that you are focussing on he production ramp-up and the imminent delivery of the remaining backer units and commencement of pre-order deliveries, but I suppose your R&D engineers should be working on - amongst others - the 8K(x) and may have updates they are happy to share ?
Although I am still waiting to get my 8K loaner I am very curious to read what plans Pimax have for the 8K(x) as Pimax have surprised us more than once as being quite creative, see the 5K+ development (which was quite a success I have to say).