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In the past days, I checked the forum patiently.
And I noticed several issues by language of the pimax team in english laguage. Well as I am also not a native speaker to english, I am able to understand both sides.
On the other hand, in my opinion: when the headsets were sent. The support will be needed to solve a lot more technical problems, than a bit logistics in these days.

So I would ask pimax to open a community category in german language. Which is administrated or maintained or moderated in the same time zone by native speaker.

These should be persons, which are allready in contact with pimax.
So, I came up to @mixedrealityTV or @VoodooDE who done several reviews and have allready a good standing at pimax. (In my opinion, from a distance)

What is totally annoying me, on the actual discussions of backers, who seemed never done a kickstarter support. They react as ordering the newst technology direct from stock. This is my third Kickstarter and also one Indigogo projekt and none of them were in time. A delay of more than a year is normal, I think. As it is a new development.

So lets put the pressure out of discussion and get a better experience for all in DACH.



Very well said. Agreed they need more multinational support systems in place. With the :us: & Europe expansions being worked on should acheive this end.

Both @mixedrealityTV & @voodoodx would be great ambassadors to help the team with Germany. I recall we had a forum member making German language files for P4k’s piplay launcher.

This is where the community can definitely shine with members whom have good multilingual skills to help with translations. This is how linux distros often work to acheive multinational support.



An expansion in Europe?
I’ve heard from USA, wich will start in march this year.
But for the european time zone I heard none of such information. Except, that the logistics will be done over a hub from England.
A official first level support in europe will be nice. (Well, just a dream :wink:)

Not sure full details on Europe just that it was mentioned of a new Europe partner? So might just be the hub for the time being. :wink:

There’s a guy in the UK now working for Pimax I believe.


And with brexit how do you see the futur. think to deutchland or other country but no the isle , one eurppean partner (scuse for my english).

Stephen Bowman, he was interviewed by Sebastian on mrtv. He pops up on 8k Facebook page. Not sure if he’s active in the forums.

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Hey although I really like both “ambassadors” and appreciate their work a lot, I hardly see them fitted into any translation related project. Both are trying hard but fail, sometimes even miserably.
Thomas english skills are frankly almost close to Pimaxs’ skills and Sebastian learned his phrases that sound cool and right, but him translating from English to German, as proved by many of his videos, is a mess due to severe lack of words. He roughly covers the context though which is a sorta plus. Apart of that, and probably most important of all, they are complete aliens when it comes to connotations…which is a neckbreaker. I’d consider myself quite good in those things, having 4 languages in my pocket, but my grammar and spelling are bad, even in my native (German) language. I tend to code switch a lot as well.
But you are right, German speaking support in the future would be great.

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Hm, seems that guy is absent in the forum, so far.
Even the complete communication about the delivery, which is provided from the hub in england, is still in done by mathew and dallas.

It would be a start, if someone is in the same timezone.
Premium, if that person is multilingual.

At the moment, I am not satisfied. While, even a short answer of 3 sentences, I have to wait for 2 days minimum.


In my opinion such an “ambassador” might have several abilities.

  1. the support and trust from pimax. If that person is just a normal guy, it will not push the user experience.
  2. same timezone as desired pimax customers
  3. native speaker of the language from the desired pimax customers. That means that, the load of several european languages, should be balaced over many shoulders.
  4. known to chinese language and behaviour (is that the right word for social compliance)

Well, I don’t know if they will make an appointment for a job.
It will be a start to have a category in the forum. And then the community will form thier speakers under the control of pimax.

As the past teaches us, if you don’t do it at the right time. Someone else will come out and earn your profits.


Stephen Bowman is not a PIMAX employee he stated this on facebook

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They could host in in Luxembourg- it’s very central and has lots of multilinguales people for the main European area. Also nice options for a company - my packages from amazon are handelt there and they have reason for it.