Cannot login to my Pimax store account (The Japanese on your webpage is horrible btw)

Hi all.

I wanted to login to my Pimax store account but I couldn’t.

First of all, I am redirected to which I don’t think existed when I preordered my 8K X back in October. At least there was no forced redirect.

One big issue you have with your Japanese page is that there is no button that says “Login” after you click on the account icon at the top of your page. There is one black button that says ”新規登録” which means New Registration.

I figured the button could be a mistranslation since below the button, there is a clickable text that says “アカウントを作成する” which means create a new account.

So I enter my email and password then press the black button, I am taken to another page that says my password is wrong. After a few rinse and repeat, I decided to reset the password. So I enter my email and click on the green button which says “参加する” which means participate…

I am told that the account could not be found.

I have logged into the account numerous times before so that shouldn’t be the case.

My best guess atm is that the English page and this new Japanese page that doesn’t share the account database, but since I am redirected automatically, I have no way to find out.
I would like to avoid getting myself a VPN, just to try if I can login to my Pimax Store account.

Would be glad if anyone can help.

Edit: It came to my mind that the support account is a separate account so I sent a ticket shortly after this. I’ll leave the post in case anyone runs into a similar situation.


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There was an issue earlier (a long time ago) which caused accounts to be disabled/non-functional on the old store page and the solution, as far as I remember, was to have Your password reset manually by support so Quorra can probably fix it for You if You PM them Your username telling them it doesn’t work on the old storefront (pretty sure it’s all the same DB/backend, but just different localized version of the actual shop) :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up.

Shortly after posting this, I recalled about the fact that Pimax has their shop, forum and support account worked separately so I logged in to my support account and sent them a ticket.
I thought it was strange to have so many accounts, but maybe its for the best.


Yeah, it’s what happens when You don’t decide on a single-sign-on solution from the beginning (and they have migrated between quite a lot of different platforms and iterations since inception). And yes, in some cases, it’s not a bad thing :wink:


I would like to report what I have found out further about this issue.
I had a friend tell me to try Onion browser which has a built in vpn-ish function so I tried it.
I couldn’t login from the up to date English page either but there was an option to go to an older login page.
If you fail to login on the current page, there is a message that says "If you cannot login please click
“here”. ", and by clicking the green text “here”, you are taken to the old page where I could login.
The Japanese page is missing that option. Please refer to the images below.

English Page

Japanese Page

So as I see it, if you could implement that link to the Japanese page, that particular problem will be solved.

Hi all.

I saw that in the announcement section, Pimax has an announcement on confirming addresses for people who purchased an 8K X.

Unfortunately, everything I wrote on this thread still stands as of today (including another thread I’ve made for the errors on the Japanese Pimax page.), so if there were any other Japanese people who purchased has a good chance that they will not be able to login to their accounts.

Here is the link to the other post JFYI.

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Hello Saraki,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We had told the relevant team member to resolve the website issue.

Besides that, if you wish to confirm the shipping address or you found other issues, you may contact us via this email or phone number, our colleague will help you resolve it. He’s definitely fine in Japanese communicate.

Email :
Tel : +815032050856