Can they at least tell us when Norman can talk about pimax 8k?

So I don’t need to keep periodically checkking everything? Just a date PLEASE.


Good question. But i would assume we will need to be teased til the 19 :weary:



And Norman is the only one who’s going to review it ? Or are there more reviewers ? @deletedpimaxrep1


Really suspicious…
Did they met agreement about delay before he reviewed or after?

There are more reviewers of course. the videos and reviews will be posted when the campaign goes live, so consumers get a full picture from different channels.


I like your marketing style @deletedpimaxrep1 :wink:

People want to throw their money at you

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guys it’s totally normal, the 19th we’ll have reviews. They need momentum going to reach the goal, i approve this way of doing rather than having us reading all today and then forgetting about it. It could mean a lot less money gathered even if the product would be great, just because people would feel more detached to it.


This embargo is not only normal, it is meant to help us. The idea is that all reviewers get some time to produce their reviews, so we don’t get a race to produce rushed reviews. For the review publishing date to match the campaign date is not much of a problem either, since you have the entire campaign period to adjust your pledge. It means people who learn of the product via the reviews can pledge right then. People like us, who have been following the discussion, can pledge early and adjust later if needed.


Indeed how good would a movie be if it was filmed & skipped the editing process.

We have a couple independent user perspectives. So lets try to be a little patient. Lol

Tho a sneak peak trailer might be cool. Lol

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Well, but keep in mind Norm himself said this will not be a review, more like a first impressions video based on limited time using it.

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Some Norm news on This Is Only A Test No iPhone 9 - This is Only a Test 416 - 9/14/17 - YouTube