Can Pimax please confirm that Index Controllers have full finger tracking support compatibility with Pimax 8k/5k?

I saw that in the latest beta Knuckles support was added, but I wanted to know for sure if there’s actually full finger tracking support working with Pimax before pre-ordering, can you pls confirm this @PimaxUSA @PimaxVR @Sean.Huang ?


I believe it should as steamvr would handle the controllers most likely on the backend/passthrough. Look on the forums, Pimax already stated intent to fully support index controllers.


At the moment, there is no “passthrough” mode in OpenVR architecture. The headset driver (for example for Pimax, or Vive) has to implement the controller handling as well. The reason possibly is that the headset is actually the one talking to the controllers.

Even if Valve implements full support for Index controllers (probably already did) there is no guarantee that they will work with Pimax, or that they will work fully with Pimax, and there is currently no way which would allow Pimax driver to “offload” the controller handling to Index driver.

So the question is valid.

Pimax already stated they will fully support index controllers. Seems like trackers do passthrough (as mine does) but not the controllers simply because they wanted them to show in PiTool and have the pairing solution through there as a one stop place to manage them because they launch steamvr invisibly in the background sometimes.

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Ah ok, I somehow missed that.

I saw the Knuckles working perfectly well with the Rift CV1, with which they should not work at all.

So, the index controllers should work with Pimax all the more.

I really hope they just do a pass through and don’t mess about with it. The knuckles should just work with steam VR. It’s all baked in. I don’t want my £259 controllers not to work properly with the platform they are coded for because Pitool has stolen management of them.

Has anyone tried pairing the knuckles via two USB dongles rather than the watchman board? Given it works for a Rift, this should also work with a Pimax. HMD will be handeled via PiTool, knuckles (or even wands to give it a try right now) via the USB dongles.