Can PiMax 4K be used external to PC

Is it possible to use the headset to play directly from lets say a Blue Ray player to watch movies. Does it require the drivers on the PC to activate the hardware in the headset, or can I make it work by sending HDMI signal to PiMax headset with USB audio coming from the blue ray player. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will comb the site for information until I hear back from you. Also, I understand the non english speaking hurdles you are up against, and thank you for your time that you can spare for us!

Hi, you can play the movie in your Desktop PC. And it needs a drive named Piplay.
Thank you so much!

Hi Dpreller, if the Blue Ray Player uses a Microsoft Windows OS, it’s possible to Light up Pimax 4K. But there is a big problem to watch a movie because the display mode is totally different from a TV. When we connect a TV to a Blue Ray Player via HDMI, the TV will show one picture as a whole. In VR display, there are separate pictures for each eye. Not sure if you understand these words. I will upload a picture for your reference.

The image in VR display is like this

Thank you MXZ. I totally understand how the two images would be displayed and Thank you for the reference image.

If I want to try this method of watching not on PC and on BRP, can you give me directions on how to setup for this method. I would really like to try. However I get intermittent signal across the HDMI and the headset connectivity LED turns, Blue, then Red for long periods of time, then blue and so on and so forth. It seems as though it needs something I am missing.

Again, Thank you for your time in this matter and I very much look forward to getting this working on the Blue-Ray Player. It is a fabulous device and very impressive. Your hard work and effort has paid off. It is gonna raise some eyebrows and it is very affordable. Good luck on releasing to the rest of the world.


I don’t think its possible to play directly from the BRP to the PIMAX. The BRP would have to format the video into a SBS format compatible with the PIMAX which I don’t think is is able to do. Also, the PIMAX would have to appear as an HDCP compatible display to meet licensing requirements. It should be theoretically possible to do all of this but I don’t believe it has been implemented. It would be nice though!

If you want to play your DVDs on PIMAX I believe you will need a PC and software to decode the DVDs and play them. PiPlay includes MaxVR which could be used as the player software. To decode the DVDs you would need software like AnyDVD-HD. MaxVR is a little cumbersome in that I don’t believe it can use the DVD menus on the disks. You would have to mount the DVD using AnyDVD-HD and then use MaxVR to explore the disk and open the correct video file. You would need to run the PIMAX in Extend Mode, drag the MaxVR window onto the PIMAX as the extended monitor and hit ALT-Enter to make it fuill screen.

Another option would be to use Steam and the Big Screen app which would let you run in PIMAX mode. You would still need AnyDVD-HD to decode the DVD and Windows File Explorer to open the correct video file but you would not have to drag the screen to the extended monitor since you are running in PIMAX mode. There are other Steam apps that could be used (for example, Virtual Desktop), but Big Screen is currently free.

A still better approach would be to use Steam and the Big Screen app and software like PowerDVD which will use the DVD menus and play the movies. I think this would be the easiest approach. Hope this helps. I would suggest that you experiment and find the best approach for you. I believe most of the software I mentioned is available as trial.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that you will also need a Blu-ray DVD drive on your PC. Also, I’m not sure PowerDVD will work since it may not see the PIMAX as an HDCP licensed display. I happen to have the software and will try it when I get a chance.

I tried PowerDVD under Steam and the Big Screen app and the movie plays on my monitor but shows as a black screen window on the PIMAX. I also tried PowerDVD under Steam with the Virtual Desktop app and got the same results. I did a Google search and found the post below. It seems that a different player would be needed to use Blu-ray menus.