Can no longer connect Headset :-(

Was working fine, until Pimax was ‘upgraded’ to version 1.2.75 :expressionless:
My spec as follows:
CPU: i7-6700k
GTX970 ver 384.76
Win 10 Pro 15063.483

I installed with Virus disabled, rebooted, tried with HDMI cable connected/disconnected. Headset not detected and the screen flickers.

Please advise?


Hi, what’s the color of led on the helmet? What’s the current firmware version of Pimax you used?

Or please use Debug_tool to export logs to, thanks.

I have went back to Pimax ver. 1.2.57. This works fine :slight_smile:

My firmware is:

I didn’t notice color of led as I have now re-installed earlier version.

Was hoping that the latest ver. 1.2.75 works,…but it doesn’t.


Hi, could you please reinstall Piplay1.2.75 and export logs for me, I will analyze it and find out a solution.

Or could we use Teamviewer, I’m glad to assist you at present.

I’m about ready to return mine. I got it a couple days ago and it worked flawlessly. For a couple hours. I’ve spent the last day and a half trying to get it to work again. It takes a good hour for it to finally connect, then when it does it either starts crashing the player when I try to play a game or video, and either way disconnects again a few minutes later. Or freezes. Or anything other than actually working. I tried installing the .57 instead and that didn’t help.
I know the hardware is definitely working because at the same time piplay says it doesn’t see my pimax, Windows 10 is using it like a second monitor. Any ideas?

The pimax light is blue, and in my pc it keeps searching or showing no pimax and a pop-up that pimax device is disconnected.

I clicked on buttons as suggested, but it opens a new folder…sorry I can not read Chinese…I will attach the error log that is in the Pimax/Piplay folder if that helps.


I know it can be frustrating, because you really want this device to work…and it does, but can be very ‘fussy’ about how you set it up ( I know in this day 'n age there shouldn’t be any ‘issues’ - it should just work), but the reality is…it doesn’t always :expressionless:
Anyway, how I get it running is the following:
Unplug the HDMI cable (Headset) from PC - it needs to go in the Primary video socket.
Uninstall Piplay,
Temp. disable Virus software,
Install Piplay (may say folder already exists, that’s ok, just continue),
When done and software is searching, I insert the HDMI cable & it finds the headset.

Sometimes, a quirk can be that when I restart PC, the Headset cannot be found, I just remove HDMI cable and re-insert.

HTH, this is really all I need to do…usually :slight_smile: