Can i refund 300$ pimax controller by pre-order? i be tired for wait anymore

can i refund 300$ pimax controller by pre-order? (+35$ shipping) i be tired for wait anymore.

now i have pimax8k original but never play any vr game because i not have controller and light house. can i refund my pre-order for controller.
how long i refund. i want money back for buy index controller by steam i think is faster and cheaper than upgrade plan.



soooo sick of waiting ugh

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Hahaha refund haha. I’m sure they will give you an option to get the index controllers through them for another couple hundred plus shipping (this on top of what you already paid)


Thinking the same.
300$ deposit, plus the 50$ shipping.

They don’t want to honor the 100$ Credit for downgrading from 8k to 5k+ on kickstarter, so we can just spend it on the controllers.

I can understand the 100$ coupon for the wireless module, but not money that was taken from us for credit instead of refunding it to our banks/paypal.

I did not back the controllers on kickstarter, only pre-ordered the controllers.
If this is still all true info, on we can’t use our credit for it.

making us pay 280$, plus the 300$ deposit and the 50$ shipping i already paid(plus what others are now saying an additional 60$ for shipping now).

It costs more than just going to steam and getting them from them, if i had know they would have done this.

i would have never done the deposit.

tired of waiting.


Answer is “Can’t”


what is VR2.0 Controller ? is Index Knuckle ?

In another thread Pimax stated Plan F needed “partner approval”, so it may be that Valve asked them to remove their explicit name from any storefront other than Steam. It would make sense then why Pimax would switch to saying “2.0 Controllers”.

Actually, it does not make sense at all. What is it “VR 2.0 Controllers”? It is like selling an AMD Ryzen processor, while identifying it in the shop as “contemporary CPU” :slight_smile:.

Pimax have talked in circles around the fact that the relationship with Valve re: controllers/bs agreement is strained.

Valve need to protect their name from having the appearance of being sold by 3rd parties.

Therefore it’s possible Pimax have an agreement to be a reseller of Valve merchandise to the extent they need to honor previous commitments, but are disallowed to explicitly state they are reselling Valve hardware.

In your example, it would be more like AMD offering a replacement of “a competitive processor”, and not just a random shop selling parts.

If it is true (how do you know?) than it is indeed pretty sketchy situation. IIRC Valve originally claimed that they will ship the LHs to the OEMs (e.g. HTC), so it looked like they actually planned to have them sold by the 3rd parties.

It is true though when I try to find another reseller of Valve Index, I cannot. It looks like they want to keep the market to themselves (which is rather strange from the marketing point of view).

I may look it up later, but back before PD1 when talking about why Basestations were delayed, @PimaxUSA said that Valve had changed the original deal Pimax had with them. The original deal is probably as you said, that Valve would produce them and PImax would rebrand them as their own 2.0 BSs.

As Valve got closer to releasing the Index, they clearly decided against the original course and decided to pull everything in-house. So it’s more that I think Valve have Pimax over a barrel on this, and can dictate Pimax’s store front with regard to their products.

I would be interested in a refund for basestations and controllers too as they were pushing back for over a year and we still don’t have an ETA…


Yes, you can apply for a refund of $300 deposit. Please go to helpdesk create a ticket. Thank you.


now upgrade plan for pre order is came.

i want to know how long to shipping

i pre-order march 2019 but it avalible in march 2020.

Oh. 1 year aniversary…

today i can’t refund.

i don’t know why support not say any think in one reply…

As I understood the reply, you can still ask for the refund, but Pimax will charge you some fee. I would not accept the fee (it is not your problem that Pimax did not deliver) and ask for the full refund.


i have no problem about 15 USD Fee.

but i have problem about support reply.
because it use very long time to reply me in same ticket. or not reply it again.

when i want to answer faster. i will create new ticket. for force she answer me.

but now i create “Confirm Refund” title around 4-5 ticket i cant refund.

because she reply one with some question.when i answer. she never reply it again in same ticket


Wait what ?? that’s just crazy, you requested a refund in time. They should honor that request👍 I too have requested $350 refund for my basestations and controller preorder, and confirmed that I would like a coupon that I can use for 8K X upgrade, but alas not heard anything back. this is approx 160 Days old now (the preorder) @PimaxUSA Kevin please look at my PM’s to you regarding this (as you requested) and look into amwpagon’s issue as well


Is this really the case? You are not giving this guy refund of his PREorder and claiming YOU will take a fee from HIM cause of delay and the order was placed more than 6 months ago…?

Who´s fault is this delay on his preordered controllers really, his or Pimax? This has to be a joke…

@SweViver @PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu