Can i change my preorder?

i originally placed a preorder for a 5k+.

i then paid the difference to upgrade to the 5k BE with hand tracking.

i was wondering if i could change my order back to the 5k+ (since they seem to be ready to ship) with hand tracking and just take a store credit for the difference?


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What makes you think hand tracking is being shipped now? I don’t think that is accurate.

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i meant just the 5k+, not the hand tracker

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I havent get any update on my order. Mine was 5k+ pre-order purchase. Till today havent get any news on the status. What makes u think its being shipped now? Maybe theres smtg that im missing here.

still lots of people waiting for 5k me being one of them lol

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Exactly, and even the preorder from October 27 P122X

kickstarters backers are not all fulfilled yet still

Don’t get your hopes up I don’t think they are letting preorders change.

I also preordered 5k + last October then paid extra 300dollars to upgrade to 5k BE. I began to regret this when 5k preorders started to arrive. I then saw a 5k on ebay for very low price and bought it. Cancelled my preorder for full refund (paid with paypal) and extremely happy with my 5k+ even in elite dangerous. The pimax shipping just seems to be a bit of a lottery and the waiting is painful. I really think preorders would be best to cancel and just order in a few months when things are sort of normal.


Did you email ?They will receive your requests and service you soon