Can hot plugging a HMD damage HMD and/or graphics card?

Hello everyone,

a question for the tech experts and for the Pimax technical support. Can hot plugging a Pimax Headset (in my case 5K+, 8KX) damage the HMD and/or graphics card? And what is the correct way / order to connect an HMD?

Background story:
Recently my 5K + died. Although the HMD was recognized by Pitool and the tracking worked, no image was displayed.
Shortly afterwards I discovered that 2 of the 3 DisplayPorts on my graphics card were only working sporadically. So I called MSI technical support and the technician told me that the ports are probably defective. He also said that hot plugging the monitor could damage the ports.
The graphics card and the HMD have now both been sent for repair and I hope both can be repaired.
I don’t know which one was defective first and whether it damaged the other.

Therefore the two questions above.


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I unplug and put away the hmd daily, i turn hmd off then yank the plugs. When I plug it in its always do display cable first then usb’s. Haven’t had any problems yet. Been like that for over a year now so…

Edit to say the pc is usually on when I do so


Thanks for the answer.

Yeah, my PC is almost always on when I connect/disconnect. I also didn’t have any problems for a year and then the 5K + just broke.

So it is always better to cut the power from the headset first, then disconnect the DisplayPort and when connecting the opposite way.

At home, I don’t risk it. My VR workstation is a dedicated computer anyway.

At CES and the Roadshow, Pimax folks and myself were hurriedly re-plugging the headsets non-stop to keep things going for everyone.

So, probably not a problem.

I plug unplug all kind of HMDs daily for last 4 year, usully cables got broken due to twist / mechanical impact but I never had problems with burning hardware due to this, actually it’s up to your hardawre (motherboard, grounding etc) but I think it’s safe enough to do so (I had hot plugged/unplugged HTC, WMR, Oculus, Valve, Pimax Hmds & some others)

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