Can eye tracker tell you your ipd?

my 5k+ has manual ipd. I’ve always have a very hard time dialing it in (yes I know my ipd from my prescription). Would be nice if the eye tracking module could tell you what your ipd is and maybe even suggest offsets

Great idea but it might not be possible as the eye trackers aren’t a fixed distance & also move apart with the lens ipd knob

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Right but they know how far apart the lenses are, since they show you the current ipd


This is true.
It was late when I typed that & i didn’t think about it properly.
I guess in theory should be possible as long as the distance is consistent for all pimax headsets. Which it should be as they all have the same lens/ipd setup.
I’ve owned 3 pimax headsets & they all showed slightly different minimum & maximum ipd values.
It was only by a couple of points of a mm though so I guess should be fine

Do we know, how precise and reproducible the readings from the IPD popup window are? Because if they slightly fluctuate, then the IPD reading will. Don’t know about the Pimax HMDs in that regard, but there are such slight fluctuations in both Index and Quest.

Honestly I don’t know how precise they are but I agree that all headsets ive had seem to fluctuate slightly if you wind the knob up/down a few times.
Sometimes they show a value maybe .2 lower than others.
I’ve sold my 5k headset now, the other was rmad & my og 8k is a broken paperweight. So I cannot test the differences anymore.
But I clearly remember 1 of my ks ones would always show it could go to a lower value than the other no matter what.
But It didn’t matter.
But I don’t think .2-.3 of a mm would make much difference

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Usually it depends on from which direction you arrive at your desired and comfortable IPD setting since there tends to be some play between the lens assembly and the arm that actuates the sliding pot which generates the reading. The only way to do that properly would be optical measurements, but very likely not worth the extra cost since the readings as they are, while not perfect, are usually good enough.

The misleading part is though that when you set them so the readout correlates to your known real IPD, the setting could still be slightly off.


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