Cable question for testers

Can anybody talk about the Pimax cable compared to say the Vive Pro cable? The vive cable is thick and stiff and gets kinked up fast. I always thought a lighter thinner cable would work better? Any thoughts/ comparisons? Any clues/ rumors for a Pimax wireless solution? Would the Vive Pro wireless Adapter be compatible? Thanks

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Cable is good, not stiff but not soft either and no issues so far after all these months. It kinks of course if you turn around too many times, but that goes for all cables. Dunno what to add more… its just a 5m cable, and as I said in the review you can extent it with another 5m :slight_smile:

It took HTC more than 2 years to bring a wireless solution (if we dont count TPCAST), so Im afraid we will need to wait a while for the Pimax version as well…


Hey @SweViver can you pls share what extension cables you bought for the Pimax?


He did in the description of his review after the NDA listed.

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Hi Martin.

If you extend the Cable by 5M the power will then will the power need to be plugged in in the center of the cable ?

If this is correct do you know of an extension cable that can be used to extend the power plug?



That makes for a question as well.

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What is the power needed for the headset 12v ?ma

What is the ma output of the wall adapter? (@SweViver)

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And add is there a 5m extension cable to extend the power cord publicly available on eBay or Amazon or something of that sorts.

I don’t know if they make extensions for that type of connector hopefully they do.

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Yeah wall power extention cord likely best.

If extending the 12v source might need stronger 12v adapter to ensure sufficient supply.

Maybe something like this:

However you may be right and need stronger adapter over a longer length.

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I checked his review and i see no link to the cables in the description, and in the review he mentions a cheap dp extension link but no details about it, are you sure about this?

Sorry guess I was wrong on that one.

Here are some DP extensions that should work just fine:

Heres a USB 3.0 Extensions that should work just fine:

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Now that’s what I was looking for, thanks a lot!

No problem buddy :smile: