Cable Extension?

I thought someone had posted extension cables that worked for the Pimax, but I could not find the post when I did the search. Has anyone successfully extended the cables?


I’m interested too. I have some usb cables and have problems with O+ because it’s power demanding.

I don’t know if Pimax, without inside out tracking, can works with normal usb cable extension, and how long. And the same for DP

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I would think they would have to be active cables.

I am using the below 10’ DP extension cable currently

it works fine

I am using a 3.0 usb extension cable that I already had also. Don’t remember the brand, but it was nothing special or expensive


Awesome thank you.


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and also wich power cable extension?


I posted in my review. Look it up


I picked this one up to extend the DP cable which also works fine - 5m DisplayPort Extension Cable Gold Plated Male to Female Display Port Lead for sale online | eBay


My current HDMI is 50ft (15M) that is connected to my vive in the living room. Has anyone found any DisplayPort 1.4 extensions working in that length for Pimax 5k+? I’ve searched through the forum, longest i hear is 7.5M.

For power extension, just use any extension cord you have that is long enough and then plug the included power adapter into the extension cord.

I am using that 10 foot DP extension linked to above at Amazon. Works fine. I am also using a 10m USB 3.0 extension cord. Looks generic. The only issue I have is the audio is crackling when I plug headphones into the HMD. I read someone’s advice saying to to try different USB ports or a USB hub to make sure enough power is getting to the headset. It could be the USB extension cord I have is adding too much resistance.

Normally I use a Bluetooth headset but I wanted to try the headphone plug out.

I think they have cables guaranteed to work up to 15m/50ft
But on top of that length the headset cable, I don’t know.

thanks for the tip, their site has 50ft - but rather expensive to try outside of US (USD $101) - has anyone in forum tried these? successful?

Check if they have a local distributor in your country.
They have insane shipping fees if you order directly from them, for my 90cm /3ft cable the calculator show 80€ for shipping, so I contacted their support and they find me a local dealer.

And even with that it was awkward, their local dealer here sells for businesses only so I had to order it with my company name.

TLDR: Not very user friendly experience :sweat_smile::beers:

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hmm… yeah, some kind of bummer with the used DP Cable, i didn´t managed to get any sort of extension or adapter to extend my cable length in any pc shop/hardware seller 50 km around me. Ebay showed me one (!!!) seller of a clutch adapter and amazon one seller of the delock extension wire… both were cheap but take some days to deliver…

so…my DeLock 7.5m cable came today… it works with my Screens, but not with the 5k. Has anybody now tested the Stardock Cabel now with a lengh over 7.5m?

How to extend the USB ?

I have bought the cable that acegamer mentioned. Cable Matters DP to TP 10feet. Works.
But now I need USB extension.

I have a 3(?)m DelayCon which appears to be USB3.0 because it’s blue inside. But no luck. Perhaps too long. For the Vive (before the spiltter box) it works.

This is not a DP extension cable. It’s a normal DP cable. You can only use extension cables on the Pimax.

Hello, my pc is in the next room and i need 10m display port extention solution. What is currently working with pimax 5k+? Please provide links thank you.

Has anyone tried hooking the pimax up to an thunderbolt hub with usb 3.1 and displayport?

I have no idea if it works but if it does then it should be possible to find solutions with fiber optic thunderbolt and a powered hub for practically unlimited(within the fiberoptic thunderbolt specs) range.

Pricey though.

We need a 15M (50ft) extension in our studio. I’ve already got HDMI and USB working fine at that distance with the Oculus and Vive.

For the Pimax 5K+ I ordered this DisplayPort cable and will report back on whether it works or not:

And as someone above pointed out, yes most long DisplayPort cables are not extenders and are male on both ends. A female/female coupler like this should work fine: