Burning eyes with 5K Plus


I got a 5K plus some months ago. After fighting a long time to get it running with NOLO, I managed to get it work. So I was quite pleased to be finally able to play with it. But to my surprise, each time I play I have this feeling that this is burning my eyes after a couple of seconds. I understand that the headset can get a bit hot when playing, but it is more like if it is emitting some Infra Red and I am looking directly at a fire or the sun. I am afraid that it will damage my eyes. I thought I could try to reduce the brightness but in Pitool, you can not adjust the brightness, but just the backlight brightness (which is already low).

Has anybody experienced that with the 5K Plus? I had a 4K before, and I played for hours without having this feeling. I know that they have tried a different technology with 5K Plus, has it been tested in terms of safety for the eyes? Does it emit only visible light or some kind of UV or IR too?


There should only be visible light. While wearing the headset, close your eyes. If you don’t feel any heat on your eyelids, it’s not a temperature problem. Does it actually seem too bright?

My guess is that the headset is not adjusted properly for your IPD. If it’s way off, I feel immediate eyestrain. Could that be your problem? Do you know your IPD? Is it dialed in to the hardware? Is your headset adjusted properly, so that things are in focus? Any of those things could cause painful eyestrain.


Thank you for your answer Neal White. I think my IPD is correct, but I will try your advice.
I don’t think it is related to eyestrain and indeed I can feel the heat on my eyelids when I close my eyes. It really feel like looking at the sun. It doesn’t seem too bright, but I guess that this effect should be minimised if I could adjust the brightness. In previous versions of Pitool, I am pretty sure that the brightness and constrast settings were available but it seems that they have removed them.

That should not be happening. This is the 5K+ LCD headset, not the 5K XR OLED headset, right? I feel absolutely no heat from my 8K panels (initially). During the summer, the heat from the circuit board builds up, but I usually don’t notice that until I’ve played for a while.

You said the backlight is on low, which should minimize any heat from the panels. You can darken the image in PiTool (just scroll down); I’ve darkened mine and boosted the contrast, to improve the blackness of space in Elite D.

I get the “fried-out” or" dried-out" feeling in my eyes if the IPD is set incorrectly and yes, it happens almost instantly. 90% sure this is what you’re experiencing @zyx_zyx31


Thanks for your feedback both @TrevorVR @neal_white_iii
The settings for contrast / brightness are indeed there in Games section (I didn’t expect them there, but more in the HMD section). So I can try that too.
I will definetely try to adjust the IPD then.


I thought I had a 5K Plus but looking at the specifications it seems that it is a 5K XR OLED.
I have checked the IPD, but it was already right. So I put a lower brightness, but still feel some heat.

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Wow. Did you order a 5K+? The OLED version has better colors and much better contrast, but the PenTile subpixel format means that the SDE is more pronounced.

If you did receive the wrong headset, you should be able to replace it. The LCD models don’t generate a lot of heat.

Yes, I ordered a 5K, and according to my invoice, it was a “Plus” not a “XR”, but I was not sure as nothing is written on the box or the headset about what it is. But I can confirm that this version has a very visible SDE, more pronounced than the 4K. Contrast and brighness are great but I don’t like this burning effect; it doesn’t feel safe to me.
I am trying to contact the support to see if it can be replaced by a LCD version.

@Matthew.Xu or @Konger, can you please have someone look into @zyx_zyx31’s wrong headset issue? Thanks!

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Thanks for your very fast answer. Is there a way to check exactly the model I have? Where to look?

You’re welcome. There’s a sticker on the bottom of the headset, but even that is no guarantee. There have reportedly been mislabeled units in the past.

To me, the panel heat indicates that there’s some sort issue with your headset. My LCD panels don’t generate any noticeable heat at all.

There is a sticker at the bottom with a serial number. I am not sure I can publish that on the forum. No other identification on this sticker.
On the box it is saying model P2. No 5K, BE, Plus, XR anywhere, I can see

Right. Don’t post it on the public forum.

My 8K says “P2” on the sticker, which I assume is a model ID. When you are in contact with Pimax, you should give them the full serial number. Personally, I think Pimax is making a mistake by not having a clear designator on the label (8K, 5K+, etc.).

Here’s how to decipher the code, but notice that there’s no particular 5K XR code number:

My SN is 20360091918537, so mine should have been produced 19th week of 2018.
Internal code 203600 is internal code and 18537 my Serial Code

2019… :wink:

FYI, when selecting the IPD, do not go by the number shown.

Due to the canted display, depending on your proximity to the lenses (whether it is further or closer), your IPD changes.

Dial in the IPD with the wheel based on feeling, it is usually much narrower. Then you can correct the Software IPD (which is also displayed in the headset) afterwards using PiTool.

Give that 5KXR one more try like this :grin:



This is Pimax 5K+ according to the product code. Why do you think it is an OLED version? (It is still possible they put a wrong SN sticker on an XR). What does PiTool say?

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It could also be a artificial light sensitivity issue, but if the Pimax is not your first VR headset and the experience is limited to the device you can disregard my comment.

My eyes with brightness settings even lower than the UI allows and sunglasses were also burning from time to time although I used the HMD for atypically long hours each day.

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Hi zyx_zyx31,

It’s really bad to hear that. I went through all your upstairs’ information and let me report them to our team.

Thanks others’ reminding of information like SN, IPD and mislabeled product.


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