Brightness Level Hardware Exposure Suggestion

Personally i find that the brightness level of a display plays a big part of your immersion. I also find the black levels to be very important to a display. I think / hope most of us can agree with these standpoints.

I am assuming Pimax is looking for the best brightness level to satisfy most users and find a balance for the best possible contrast… right now it could be something like this; a fixed brightness setting for both light and dark environments:

Would it not be better(if possible) to expose the screen hardware brightness to software developers with tools like Unity3D / Unreal where i as developer decide(on the fly) how much the screen needs to emit?

Dark environment

Bright environment

Thank you.


I would of liked if it were like my tv, which mimics oled with 70 different backlight zones. It’s really awesome and gets super super bright with almost oled darks.

I hadn’t considered this before, but I hope Pimax provides a user setting for the brightness. I’m photophobic and must set all my monitors to the dimmest setting, since bright lights are painful for me. If the headset is too bright, I’ll be unable to use it.

I don’t think brightness matters that much as compared to say a monitor. You have something that covers your eyes so they will adjust

Sounds like you are both assuming something without actually ever having tried out a VR headset before…

Both the Vive as the Rift do not have these options… I wouldnt be against it though i guess…

Yes, the darker it gets the more your eyes adjust so that you can see things in very poor lit areas…

Which has nothing to do with overall environment lighting… assuming a bright sunny day, the difference between a bright sunny day and a clouded stormy day is what i am talking about…

There’s a lot of diversity actually in people’s ability to adjust in darkness, and some don’t at all. If they have any means of making the screen brighter, that option should be there. They must avoid assumptions. That being said, I’ve heard the brightness level is “ok” sort of middle of the road kind of deal. Sort of weird when al the other features hit it out if he park.

Hi guys, this subject was discussed on the topic below, for your reference.

Also we will have the function for users to adjust the brightness manually.



Did you actually read my first post?

i thought the vive brightness was great!

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Thanks for the info. That’s great news!