Brief comparion of Reverb and 5K+

I got a Reverb. The clarity is amazing, noticeably better than 5K+. Text is smooth and readable on Windows desktop. On 5K+ it’s readable but not smooth by comparison. Cons: the FOV is about the same as Oculus OG, and the black border (edge of screen) is easier to be seen on on Reverb if you move your head. If wearing glasses all the edges can be seen at all time, and it’s very immersion breaking. The reason why Reverb has such great clarity is because with their optical design all the pixels are used, but that leaves a negative side: the ugly border. Now with this we have more understanding about Pimax’s design philosophy, which is the opposite of HP: It wastes some of the pixels for us not to see the border! Beside Reverb and 5K+ there might be better design, but that might be more expensive. Or maybe we can have something between?

Now there are more serious problems of Reverb: compared with 5K+ it’s uncomfortable. It has no IPD adjustment. I had a very hard time set it up as the controllers cannot be found as the bluetooth device. I have to borrow an external bluetooth dongle which worked on another people’s computer.

The most dreaded problem, is the flickering of one screen after 20 minutes or so. The problem is widely reported on Reddit, and no definite solution has been found yet.

Compared with the hardware problems of Reverb, 5K+/8K are like breeze.

I will still keep the Reverb. The clarity is just…wow! It’s hard to get back, even with the small FOV, black border, and constant flickering.

After my experience with Reverb, what I want to say to Pimax: clarity is really more important than FOV. 150 degree is quite enough, maybe even 130 degree.


Hi, thank you for your short comparison, though I never tested the Reverb for me as a sim racer I cannot imagine that I should use less than 170° (especially AC). The clarity is undoubted very important and of course everybody would like to have it, but as long the FOV is still limited like the Reverb to me is no real alternative in sight. This is not a question which headset is better (at the moment), it’s also a question which games you prefer for gaming with.


For me, Pimax normal FOV as maximum FOV would be the best for this generation headset. Even Pimax 5K would gain a lot of sharpness if normal was real and not a masked large


I have been voicing criticism since early in the KS about Pimax chase for the largest FOV as possible.

At the time I have bought my rift, before the pimax KS even exist, my expectations for a nextgen HMD was to put all the efforts in increasing the pixel density. I was even ready to accept a small FOV reduction compared to the CV1 if the gain counterpart was a significant increase of the pixel density (not resulting from the fov reduction itself, it was just in case the panel to make that bigger density was implying a smaller FOV “too”, I was prepared to accept it. That was a the time varjo was demoing their high density panel, they had no partner to implement it in a HMD yet and the panel was even still monochrome, displaying only green).

Now I have tasted the wide pimax fov I have raised the FOV importance in how I rate VR aspects, but I would still much prefer a 8KX with normal 5K+/8K FOV and would even be fine with small FOV if there was a real benefit (although I feel normal fov may be more balanced).


I am in no way against large FOV. I really want it. What I want to say is that sometimes we have to accept some compromise for the current limit of technology or our financial capability. There is also computing power to consider. For the most graphic intensive scene of X-plane I can only get 27 fps with 5K+, but I can get over 45 fps with Reverb in the same scene with better clarity.


Thank you for sharing that, I was precisely wondering how the load compares between those 2.

Feel free to share more example like this to give a more global idea how easier to drive the reverb is VS the 5K+. I would be interested to know for games like assetto corsa, and flight sims like war thunder and il2.

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Bluetooth is accessible from the HP-reverb app that was installed in windows when you plugged it in
try a different usb , if you get screen flashing etc try a hub , I think many issues like this are power related with many usb3 not pushing enough watts

just downloading the UHD scenery for X-plane , I will test it with reverb and 5k+
not sure how well the 1080ti will cope though , I was about 40fps with the reverb just now running the hd scenery

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Thanks for the info.
Can you tell me about clarity with the Pimax on small FOV and supersampled in comparison?

I totally agree. I’ll take resolution over fov any day, in my experience it is much more contributing to the feeling of presence. I think that given the gpu limitations 140 degrees would be optimal


[quote=“neelrocker, post:6, topic:20480”]
Feel free to share more example like this to give a more global idea how easier to drive the reverb is VS the 5K+. I would be interested to know for games like assetto corsa, and flight sims like war thunder and il2.

Reverb at 250% steam ss = average 45fps UHD texture pack running
Pimax 5k+ /pp on/pitools 1/ steam ss250%/ small fov = average 36fps

Reverb is great for the high res textures and cockpit at airports etc but pimax is a bit more immersive when you up in the sky , I’ve flown a lot in small aircraft / choppers years ago and pimax feels more like real thing once your up there thanks to the fov imo


I think 140-150 fov is actually quite difficult for them to manufacture , pimax can do it with their design , but plenty of flaws to contend with and to stretch the reverb’s small panels to 140 fov might not be possible without it’s own issues

I mean that anything over 110 ish horizontal fov and you’ve basically got to do a pimax


Sweviver pointed out in his most recent video that most people use normal fov in the pimax. It’s all about the best trade-off between resolution and field of view. If pimax can get the panel utilization as high as possible on the pimax 8K X, and prioritize optimizing the lenses for 150 degrees of field of view, I don’t think anybody will complain.

Pixels per degree is hugely important. If putting on my headset gives me the feeling of staring at a giant 720p projector screen, I’m not exactly going to complain about that :wink:


its more about gpu performance and fps, if the wide fov mode would still produce good frame rates people would use it more but it adds a lot of strain to the gpu as it has more to render and pp mode needed for some games makes it a lot worse

that would be reasonable from the current experience and the fact that nvidia will not double the gpu performance in the next iteration in 2020

yeah sure, all reasonable people here :wink:
especially when pimax is reducing the fov even more to what they promised in the kickstarter and the 8k-x is a kickstarter object

and when it comes to what’s possible then we have the xtal to compare, its impressive what they get from the 1440p displays and when pimax can have 4k displays then vrgineers can do the same


I have 5k XR, 32GB ram, 9900k 2080ti - I think, no overclocks, and I can run pitool 2x and steamvr 500%

That sounds stupid, even if smart smoothing is on. Why does it seem that the settings do nothing I wonder.

Looks great though.

PS. What a diversion this thread took

OH PLUS: yeah I run large pov of course. Have I stumbled upon magic or

Yes I know Reverb has a built-in bluetooth receiver as Samsung Odyssey+, but it never works for me. I have two usb dongles and they don’t work either. It is the one that I borrow that works. This is mystic:

I have tried different USB sockets, 3.0 and 3.1, but all have flickering issues.

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For you, I didnt back a 150 fov headset or a 130 fov headset and am not interested in either.

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have you tried it on another pc?

I use Pimax for Simracing only.

The human eye has a narrow area called central vision.
The central vision is 1 deg to 2 deg.
Central vision distinguishes colors and shapes clearly. Other than that, it is called peripheral vision and looks like a somewhat rough area, but the response to light and moving objects seems to be much faster than central vision. In fact, it has been shown that hiding or restricting the peripheral vision results in diminished motor skills.
Wide FOV is a weapon to win in Simracing.

I think probably the same for FPS games.

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Minor correction you’re talking about the center of the fovea which is the foveola
(Foveola - Wikipedia) not the central vision which is about 5 degree not 1-2

The fovea is responsible for sharp central vision (also called foveal vision),