BREAKING: Pimax Introduces New Pimax 5k Plus - Pimax 8k / 5k Plus Ships End September to Backers

Dear Community,

I just had the chance to interview Pimax founder Robin Weng. Here is the full interview:


Pimax introduces a new version of the Pimax 5k
Improved panel, has higher PPI because of panel size,higher sharpness
In retail, both versions will be sold, original 5k and 5k plus
5k plus will be more expensive
Current 5k backers will directly receive 5k plus without having to pay extra

8k users can switch to 5k plus. Difference of 100k USD can be spent on Pimax accessories.

Pimax 8k/5k plus shipping to backers will start end of September, all backers will receive their devices before Xmas ( chance of this happening 90percent)

Controllers can be tried end of year. First developer version gonna ship Q1 2019, goes out to backers Q2 2019.

Bye, Sebastian


Thank you for all your help and support along with Sweviver.

One question please.

Any news on the 8K-X?