Bought new 8KX, ran shortly, now troubles


I have bought a new 8KX to test the new 90Hz mode and keep it in anticipation of the 12K QLED as well.

Unfortunately after I have done the room setup and dialed in my IPD & offset properly, it rested for just for 1-2 minutes (using SteamVR beta). Suddenly I heard my GPU relaxing and checked the headset. Red light on top, screens turnt off.
I then quit SteamVR. Then ran diagnosis in PiTool, it gave me this:

Please help me revive the headset and let me know if there is anything I can do to avoid having this happen again.

Best regards

To confirm this 8kX is a 2001 FW model?

Have you file a support ticket yet? If so maybe post the ticket number for @PimaxQuorra .

Thank you, yes it’s the new one.

But… this might come across harshly, which is not my intention: I won’t open a Support Ticket for a headset I have just opened yesterday. I was told they had solved their software issues. It striked two times so far in 2 hours… if anything, it’s saddening.

The screens seemed fine, the IPD was proper and not turning my eyes upside-down anymore. I used MRTV’s guides for colors and IPD, worked great. The DMAS actually sounds great, stock, and I have both G2 and Index for comparison. I restarted the PC and the 8KX came to life, but the sound is gone now!

I will continue running it tomorrow, but if this turns out to still act like a woman with a headache, I will return this for a full refund quicker than anyone can spell “buckshot”.

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Seems rather silly not to open a support ticket when you need support. You’re likely just wasting your own time and effort trying to circumvent the clear instructions that the tool itself gave to you in the very screenshot you opened with. You can always open the ticket and keep trying to troubleshoot through other channels if you think that will be more fruitful.

Also nice job throwing in some bonus misogyny for no reason. :roll_eyes:

If your not willing to open a ticket maybe hard to resolve an issue without them able to take a look.

If you search the forum I believe you can find a member here whom received a 2001 FW. A reflash of the firmware might fix the issue your having.

The 2001 FW model from my understanding only mainly fixes stability of 90hz mode and resolves an issue with DMAS buzz some experience with iirc some improvements in sound quality.

Pitool specific issues are not likely resolved in firmware.

Might be worthy of at least a few minutes of your time to let our engineers do a remote diagnostic. It might actually save you some time.

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The issue is that this headset has no sound, there’s nothing coming out of the speakers. They crackled suddenly and have been dead since then.

To open support ticket they want my real name and proof of purchase. I choose to remain anonymous. Let’s see if their support has improved.

I must say I am shocked though, I bought a headset for 1500€ that has been on the market for almost 2 years and it doesn’t work out of the box. Why… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

After half an hour the sound came back on magically. Really? Okay. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

better be quick that refund policy is only 7 days.

Do you use the optical or the normal cable? With the optical cable my device is also unreliable, switching to black arbitrarily etc. This doesn’t happen with the normal cable. Which unfortunately is much stiffer and shorter. But still better than these blackouts…

Hmm sound ‘magically’ coming back, that doesn’t sound too good, sounds like a hardware problem. Like said above, keep in mind your refund policy term.

What about the displays? Do you feel they’re better than your first version of the 8kX? I still own one of the very first 8kX’s out there (bought it on ebay I think in the first week of release). Not that I’m planning to buy a new 8kX, but it’s interesting to hear your opinion on that.

I had a Ford the Speedometer worked that way.

Support usually requires a sharing of info no matter what company.

So either a ticket or rely on what the community can suggest. Have you looked/searched the forum for a method of getting the firmware to try a reflash?

Bug-or-not my 8kx is dead - PimaxVR Software / PE Bug Reporting - OpenMR | Community

Thanks guys, I have used the return policy in Germany (14 days) and returned it to the seller. I have already been refunded.

Glad as well, as the price was above MSRP from Pimax’ side, so a 12K Qled discount trade-in would not have been the price of my purchase.

The picture was better than of my first 8KX, which had some kind of googly eyes effect leading to eye strain. This 8KX had no such issue, in that regard it was great. But I was worrying that I’d keep a pandora’s box with it, as it had cut out the sound and the picture at times.

I haven’t experienced that with any other headset, daily driver is G2 and Q2 now (I’ve sent the Aero back too, its FOV is an insult to the user).

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the aero’s fov has been measured to be bigger diagonally and horizontally than the G2 and Q2, vertically its smaller yes.

plus most of the aero’s fov is sweetspot.

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The FoV likely feels smaller due to the reduction in Vertical FoV being approx 8 less than Reverb and around almost 18 less than the Quest.

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Ive owned a G2, Q2, aero and (to me) the aero fov doesn’t feel smaller exactly, its more like the fov is a different shape. It’s the shape of the hole in a typical motorbike helmet, rather than rounded like the G2 and especially the Q2.

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Well the narrower vertical FoV would give it the similar complaint that the Xtal 5k had(not sure if fixed in 8k model).

As you mentioned more like wearing a helmet which is not bad with Simulation games. As in real life people wear helmets that may restrict vertical FoV.

This can make the overall perceived FoV feel smaller. Balance between vertical and Horizontal to get a better desired feel effect.

It would be interesting to experience Wearality that had iirc 180°×180° FoV (not to be confused by Wearality Sky).

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