BMR that Valve uses Mod on Quest 2!

This might be a very interesting project to follow and might be a great mod for pimax headsets as well!

Link for the BMR


ordered a pair because they were cheap enough. I am very interested indeed

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What do you think of the engineeredaf headphones?

seems like it could be a no-brainer. I wonder how hard it would be to modify a connector to work with the SMAS


Honestly Don’t think it would be overly hard to make a a mount that would use the MAS’ jacks.

Similarly in the one review of the index a fellow had to make an angled spacer for the audio due to asymmetry creating unequal distance to ears. It involved copper rods in the spacer to make the connection.

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found this video of a guy who did something with the BMR’s . he also explained how they work.

(3) DIY Tectonic BMR Build - Lepai LP40PA Powered Bluetooth Speakers aka “Little Slappers” - YouTube

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Hey. Would you happen to know if the “Index Headphone” killers that pimax is making for the DMAS is using BMR tech.

If not why? lol kind of like losing the race before they even started.

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From what Kevin said yes. Supposed to be same ones as index.

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What a relief…that’s good to hear. So these ones then?

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Should be the ones according to the reddit quest mod

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Here is the 3 types of BMR 4 Ohm speakers I ordered. The first one on Left is the Valve Index ones mentioned in the Oculus reddit thread mentioned.

I ordered 3 kinds 2 pairs of each to make shipping cost more worth it.

Not sure when I will dive back in. All have similar specs. The middle is smaller and might be interesting as such to use in a build. The Square driver I think could also give some nice results in an off/near on with & Without pads.


Okay folks testing Build log. Didn’t have much luck with direct connecting bmr to an headphone jack for output but might be due to repurposing a cheap headphone set(dollarstore).

So bought one of these:

Basic testing with usb power seems promising. Now this amp is only 3w+3w with a 4Ohm speaker (2Ohm 5w+5w and 8Ohm 1.8w+1.8w). 3w/ear should be plenty of volume.

Will need to revisit the Oculus thread to acquire more details.


So no amp is needed to drive them ?

My test suggested require the Amp for the non vision headsets.

The Vision headsets at least the 8kX shouldn’t need one. That test will require a separate test.

My earlier attemp was using a cheap dollar store headphone repurposed. So likely need a quality cable & test on an 8kx.

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