Blow greedy HTC out of the water

Hi @PimaxVR,

I hope you blow HTC Vive out of the water and show them what a real next gen, VR headset looks like. HTC is incredibly greedy selling the Vive Pro for $800 US. I know they’re having money problems, but why take it out on the consumer?

If you guys can afford it, offer the first X buyers a promotional discount, existing Vive owners an upgrade discount, and advertise the heck out of PiMax! Show HTC what it means for a company to be driven by ethics and not greed.

And have you guys considered making your own VR games? You can focus on games that take advantage of one card per eye, complete with display synchronization so the timing is correct when viewed.

Outshine them, Pimax. Teach HTC a lesson they’ll not soon forget. Show them what a proper company looks like.

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There’s no need for Pimax to make their own games. It’s much more effective (and cheaper) to offer promotional cash, to developers of existing games to tweak their games “especially for the Pimax 8K and 8KX”. That way, you start with a popular, good game, and make it better.


go go pimax go! :smiley:

Chinese companies are doing really well right now, so if there’s no major issues upon release, it’ll make waves in vr community.
That’s why they are taking their time to get it right.
The biggest mistake they made so far was the timings/scheduale which weren’t quite right.

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