Blade & Sorcery new U10 Dungeons update bug - can't look to the right without glitching

using Parallel Projection fixes it, but who wants to use it?!


Ouch yeah not a great workaround. Didn’t happen in B&S on previous builds.

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Please spare us some time! We’ve asked the software engineer to put this game through its paces.

We need to figure out what’s causing this.


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Thank you very much @PimaxQuorra!

Please note this other post by @sethw mentioning Blaston, B&S U10, and the Valheim VR mod. These games all share the same issue and can be tested.


one idea is that the devs can probably recreate this issue with a valve index with parallel projection disabled to troubleshoot the problem for pimax users.

but i’ve not had any luck getting the devs to understand what i’m explaining to them yet so i encourage everyone else to keep pressing these devs to test their games this way for canted screen hmd’s


Just to make sure this has visibility, I found a workaround and posted it here. Needs dev involvement, but it’s literally a setting change in Unity (at least for my project): Unity 2020 bug: Inaccurate Rotation when Looking Around & other incompatibilities - #19 by MagiJedi


Realky? I bought the game a long time ago to see what the hype was about and refunded it because it seemed pointless and not fun.

Im looking forward to Nomad since it seems that there will be a point to that one.

This dungeon thing sounds like some actual content.

  1. I loved the physics, brutal. Where else when disarmed can you grab your opponent by the neck and bang their head against a wall or table until they’re a bloody pulp. Or just stab them through the eye muhahahaha

I don’t use magic much but it is well done. Same with bows and arrows, satisfying implementation. Basically all combat is a lot more dynamic and exciting than say, Skyrim, which is just point and click yawn.

  1. I didn’t like the fact that it was just a bunch of sandbox arenas spawning waves at you. I hate all those games and there’s too many cheap implementations like that in VR right now.

  2. Now even in early form it feels way better. Proc gen dungeon (currently about 50 rooms but they’ll double it, improve stealth and so on) with patrolling AI. Some cool new features with magic like creating an anti-gravity well around you - everything, alive / dead / inanimate starts floating up to the ceiling…and then come crashing down again if you don’t spear them first :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Star Wars mod. Lightsabers are amazing. The magic already included force push / pull and lightning so fits in perfectly. When the mod is adapted to U10 it will be awesome

  4. A chicken called Jonathan

Not heard of Nomad will take a look thanks :+1:t4:

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I didn’t find anything about Nomad other than it’s a separate version cut down to work on the Quest? What’s the difference gameplay-wise?

Edit yeah OK from the trailer it’s just the PCVR U10 stuff reduced a bit bro ive been annoying alone the devs of these games to fix this hideous bug,pimax really needs to do something with unity or half of the updated or upcoming games wont work on pimax,i can confirm on blade and sorcery and panther the devs got if fixed by changing pose source to “head” fixed it in both games but they arent updated yet.

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Glad to see the B&S devs will update it soon, but how many others I wonder.

It’s currently a problem that Pimax isn’t mainstream enough to get enough attention. They’ll have to make a bit more noise and a bit more of a name for themselves, wouldn’t do much good for these sorts of issues to keep on happening on the 12k etc.

In the long term, I guess this will get solved when the Unity XR plugin itself gets fixed and then the workaround isn’t needed?

/Me is sadly one of those high-maintainence consumers, who need a compelling story to lead me by the hand through the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

(…and yet, I play Elite Dangerous, which is the epitome of pseudo-randomly filled-in boiler plate gameplay loops. :P)


this is the reason that puts me off the 12kx(i have the 8kx) im tired of begging devs all day to support my weird niche 1200$ headset and im tired of parallel projection and the 35% fps hit,it turns games from 90fps playable to like 55fps unplayable,loved the quality of my 8kx but damn its compatibility with games is a hassle,samurai slaughter house demo is another new unity game that i tried and has and will have the bug,if anything every game using unity that gets released or updated will


But what’s the point? Is there some reason to win? or is it just kill stuff for the sake of killing stuff?

It’s a sandbox (or was) but an amazing one. There are countless mods to tailor the ingame physics, mechanics, weapons, NPCs, spells, VFX, and much more all to your liking. You can recreate any fight scene you want, you can become an overpowered gladiator spearing through enemies, you can specialize in hand to hand combat with some knife play here and there, you can fight armored enemies with a huge mace, or try to be precise with a rapier and find gaps in armor to overcome enemies. There is literally so much to do in a game with no “plot” which is why it’s a sandbox, and why it’s one of the most replayable games in VR. If you’ve ever had a creative imagination as a child you’ll know the sky’s the limit with this type of stuff. If you need to be told “Go to point A and do X, then go to point B and do Y” then hopefully the coming updates will cater to that type of gameplay, but the game in its current state is still a masterpiece IMO.

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What’s not compelling about slaughtering everything that moves :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

OK joking aside I agree it’s nice to have reasons to do things. But that said, a lot of action games just fluff that as an excuse to go hit stuff.

B&S is certainly not a story-based game, at least not now. However, what is even more important to me before we get to storylines is the underlying mechanics. And here B&S is attempting to pull itself above a lot of current VR games. It’s only an early implementation but it’s a good start. It’s a very small team so it will take time.

But what’s the point? Is there some reason to win? or is it just kill stuff for the sake of killing stuff?

Not yet no, it’s just not at that stage yet. They said there will be loot and objectives coming in the future, but right now it’s just a fundamental rework of the game design away from an arena / wave type game.

It’s very much early development for a new direction. Also it has always been moddable. People have turned into an FPS and so on.

Yes agreed it’s frustrating. A lot of titles I like to play either require it or have some issues without it being on.

The dungeon is a nice addition. I don’t have a prob with it needing PP since the game runs fine and isn’t graphically demanding. my only issues is the game has an occasional slight rational drift on my Index controller.

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Yep, yep - gameplay is king.

On top of this, I actually used to propose and argue that VR melee should be through-and-though physics based, against people who were adamant that held objects and the player avatar that holds onto them, must track one’s hand controller 1:1 at all times, even it they are a 30kg clubs, swung at high speed, before B&S, and then Gorn and others, came and proved the concept; So I should definitely put my money where my mouth is. :9

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Ah interesting I’m playing with Index controllers but I haven’t experienced any drift. I have a single v1 LH.

I actually used to propose and argue that VR melee should be through-and-though physics based

Yes the physics mostly works well - some jank when AI is in too close proximity to the player, but hey. Even down to knocking arrows out of walls with a hammer!

The game still needs work, but it’s so much better than before, and should only improve from here :+1:t4: And I hope one day that it could support co-op.

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