Blade & Sorcery new U10 Dungeons update bug - can't look to the right without glitching

hi carnathsmecher:can you list the game with this problems that you have tried?? We 'll test them

hello,so far i tried,hard bullet,pantherVR,table tennis,and blade and sorcery,kospy fixed blade and sorcery tough and the table tennis dev made a beta branch with the fix i told him for me to try and is fixed there too with that branch,and also samurai slaughter house demo another unity game in development,i let the dev know too.other users reported it on Walkabout Mini Golf,VTOL VR,Museum of Other Realities,Walkabout Mini Golf.


and just like i said most games will suffer from this and will need paralel projection,since its a unity and pimax specific problem the most common engine used for vr games,after the fall just launched and has the exact same bug,ab aeterno play test too.

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This also happens in population one and WW1 war planes. I have reported it to the POP one devs but I don’t know if they read the report.

From pop one discord :

I also posted the exact same to their actual bug tracker / support system.


yep every unity game will have it,parallel projection literally destroys fps it lowers it by at least 30% and at 8kx resolution thats ALOT for such an easily fixable bug it is not worth it,i saw this bug started almost 2 years ago to appear in games so i have little faith it will be adressed by unity or pimax and most devs literally do not care as much as i ask them to fix it i literally give them the fix and its the matter of changing a simple setting(hmd reference) in unity that doesnt affect anything else or any other headset,as of now only blade and sorcery dev and table tennis dev cared to fix it,i was so excited for 12kx but with issues like these not so much,imagine 6k per eye resolution and on top of that 30% to 40% performance hit from parallel projection in like most new VR games, pimax 180 degree bug on unity games - YouTube here is a vid i made some time ago to show the bug.

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In fairness to the games’ devs it’s not really as simple as “its the matter of changing a simple setting(hmd reference) in unity that doesnt affect anything else or any other headset”. They also have to test etc.

I appreciate it might not be realistic but perhaps we could increase the pressure on the relevant Unity devs (if that’s the right group) to look at the plugin, rather than ask every game dev to work around it. At least in the longer term.

Where exactly is the plugin and how do we contact Unity about it? Is it here somewhere?


it is one of the simpler fixes and doesnt affect the games that applied it from what ive been told,sure it needs testing ofcourse,but some devs i ask about it one month later after i asked them twice before and they dont even know wtf im talking about again,the majority do not care about such niche headsets like pimax ones,it needs to be rooted in unity,anyway it aint my job to hassle these devs all day i aint even bothered with after the fall and the most upcoming games,just expect most games needing PP on and proly minimum rtx 3090 for an 8kx cause my 3080 aint cutting it thats for sure,hopefully boneworks never gets another update

I believe this is it

Here is an issue link, reported to the 6th Aug 2020 :

And here is the Pimax forum thread from Dec 2020. Almost all of my info is taken from these links. @MagiJedi , who posted above, seems to know the most about this. He’s the author of the threads here.

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Awesome thanks :+1:t4:


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yeah i saw that too its older than i tought,weird that in just the last few months became aparent alot of unity games released or got updated,like i havent seen an unreal engine game in a long time,luckily hubris uses unreal engine,anyway by some miracle i hope it gets sorted or if anything maybe pimax comes up with a better performance solution to parallel reprojection,at least for the 12kx i hope they enhance pp to not be so taxing,just did a few runs of after the fall,had to lower may res to 70% with pp on and also FSR sharpening 0.77. to manage the fps on my rtx 3080,also like lowest shadows possible,and the game looks like a mobile app.

Can this problem be fixed by PP?

yes it can for 30% less fps but works

I have same issue with my pimax 8k plus in population one. When im looking over right shoulder, i suddenly looking backwards. The picture snaps back an forward. And in gunfight the screens suddenly goes black😡

Thanks. This is a real mess

@PimaxQuorra @hammerhead_gal is it clear for you from the links that @Tharg posted above, that the root cause of the problem is caused by the XR plugin for Unity written by Valve?

I know it might not be possible, but if there’s any chance, then please use your contacts with Valve to try and get a response on the issue. It seems that they do not directly respond to Github requests.

Here is the Issue page opened by @MagiJedi. No one has been assigned



Star Wars Outer Rim mod got updated for U10 Dungeons

Hard bullet has been fixed :partying_face: :partying_face: one of my favorite games

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I am told that a fix for this will be in After the Fall in the next “proper update”. Also there was a small related issue with the “screen fade” not applying to a part of the screen that I am told has also been fixed as a part of this.

@MagiJedi reported it in their discord and I chimed in to agree, and I showed it in a vid to one of their devs and now he tells me he has it fixed.

Also lol :

E : Also their QA team has a Pimax now, which is great.


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