Black vertical lines

Hi all,
I just got my 4k last week. It is working fine but there are many vertical black lines inside the Lens. I can feel black shadow when I watching video. It is not comfortable. Is it normal?

The vertical lines do they appear during a flash?

There are vertical defogging wires that keep the headset to keep headset from fogging. If present during video play try reducing brightness.

Yeah those appear to be the defogger/demister.

I have those lines on my P4K but they usually disappear after a few seconds of play time,they generally appear when I first put the headset on my head. Sometime they will reappear during gameplay but then quickly disappear, its normal. Both of my Pimax 4K’s did it

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Hi Heligsurge

What you mean “during a flash”?
I think the black lines are always there.
4K displays Pimax Logo in this picture. You can see the black lines are still there.

If LCD show black color, we can ignore it.
But if LCD show white color, it is obvious.

So it seems everyone has the black lines. I did not play games, I buy 4K for watching 3D 360 video. I watch more than 15 minutes, the lines do not disappear:disappointed:

I watch video too and the lines disappear for me. Maybe there is a problem with your unit??

I wonder if a different firmware or version of piplay might fix the issue??

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No idea, I use v3.0.0.85 piplay , fw is v1.0.0.265. Piplay shows it is the latest FW. Maybe I need to try older SW and FW. Thanks for the suggestion.