Black screen with green light

Greetings all,

Please any advises as you can see in the pic I had green light but nothing show I had black screen in the headset before i had blue lights and it was worked fine but after update not working any more …

We will need more info , at least on your model, Version number of the HMD, PiTool Version before and after and also the firmware version of the hmd.
Also about how you updated and if there where errors or the like.

There is a thread about bricked HMDs and how to resurrect them … ( I am searching the link)


Yes we need to know what you already tried on it.
Did you turn off lighthouse tracking and see if you get image ?

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I had the same problem, but I turned it off and turned it on and was solved by service restart

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Also, try the new Pitool :

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My 5k+ has the same problem at 120hz

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Yeah, this only happens is 120 hz mode for me. the three other modes start as expected.