Big thank you to the moderators

Like the title says, i want to say thanks to some moderators who are trying to keep things organised in the created mess here. They we’re here for us and couldn’t help for the broken promises and misinformation. I would also thank for their support although sadly enough they too are ignored from time to time. All the anger they did understand and tried their best to channel in a good way. Thank you guys! You’re the best. I really mean it! Please like, if you second my words :+1:it’s time to get them the appreciation they really deserve! Whatever happens and how mad i will be about how things will go or lead to, i will remember you and the community here. Cheers :beers:


Kind words… Thanks @mindscan

We all appreciate it.


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:+1:especially if and when not paid for their time. :clap::clap::clap:


You’re welcome, Eno. Indeed, all hard work without getting paid is what it makes me respect this even more.