Beta 0.33 - Import custom games with FileExplorer (thumbnail support) and more, please try it!

Hey all :slight_smile: The custom importer for “imported” games is now running in Beta 0.33. You can now select any game exe/bat file on your PC and import it directly in VR. Also, select any image (jpg/png) on your PC and add it as thumbnail for your custom game. (check full release notes below)

The File Explorer was quite tricky to get working, so it took me more than a day extra to get that thing running correctly :slight_smile: But I think its stable and working fine now (please let me know).

Note: A button is added to “Imported” category, where you instantly can import new games (I will make this look more pretty later on).

Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the point 3 in release notes today (the new page in Advanced category called “Manage Games & Apps”), but in Beta 0.33 the page is at least up and listing your games. Search feature works with this. The page (once its done the upcoming days) will let you change thumbnail for any game in all categories, change title etc and also you will be able to delete games…

Now its time for some dinner (first meal of the day hehe) and I will continue on this tomorrow!

Cheers guys and thanks for all help!

The new importer and file explorer:

New Page:

Beta 0.33 Release Notes:

  1. New feature: Custom game/app Import feature added! Now you can import custom games/apps into “Imported” category, setting custom Title name and using custom thumbnail image (optional, not required needed). Import is made with a new implemented File Browser/File Explorer, so its very easy to browse your PC (all drives) and pick the exe file for the game and image for the thumbnail. Importing custom game lets you pick:
  • Type (VR Game or VR Application) - for later use in future categories
  • Title (name)
  • Runtime (exe/bat) location anywhere on your PC
  • Thumbnail location anywhere on your PC
  • Checkbox if game is a SteamVR compatible game (for later use)
  • Automatically create default Settings-profile upon importing (settings profile gets same name as title)
  • Automatically create default SteamVR optimization profile upon importing (SteamVR profile profile gets same name as title)
    (please try it and let me know how it works)
  1. Important change: Custom imported games in category “Imported” are now created and read from the same directory as SteamVR/Revive/VivePort games (not same directory as PiTool is using): C:\Users\ user \AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\PVRHome\GameImports. The old imported games from PiTool are not automatically moved, so you will have to re-import the custom games again - but at least now you can also use any thumbnail image for your custom games, so its worth re-importing! :slight_smile:
  2. New feature (in progress) : Added new page in Advanced category called “Manage Games & Apps”. Currently this page only lists all your games/apps per category, and filter can be used/applied with the Search-field (right window/bar). This page will be used to edit/remove games in all categories . For instance if you want to change the Title of a game, if you want to replace thumbnail image, change other parameters or simply remove the game from library. All the features on this page should be implemented later this week/weekend. So for now, the category only lists (and filters by search) your games (please try it and let me know how it works).
  3. Fix: Solved a major issue where Setting Profiled and SteamVR Profiles were not autimatically created for new SteamVR/Revive/VivePort games (if this feature is enabled in Profile Settings), because the script was searching for new games in old PiTool-import location and not the new location which is C:\Users* user *\AppData\LocalLow\Pimax\PVRHome\GameImports.
  4. Fix: Solved a major issue with UI-interaction sometimes being lost (caused by baseinput script colliding with UI LaserPointer script). This should not happen anymore…
  5. Fix: Solved an issue with thumbnails not loading correctly in rare occasions
  6. Fix: Solved quite a major bug where you couldnt use the short-cut icons to fast-jump to Profile Settings or SteamVR Optimization profiles from games in the Favorites-menu. Now this works as intended.
  7. Fix: Solved several minor bugs in the UI and when sessions were not saved on certain occasions.
  8. Improvement: Further slightly corrected the hand-position when using Hand-Tracking
  9. Reqested feature: Added version number next to the VR Experience-banner, so its easy to see what version you are running!

This is not directly about PE experience but when I’m starting the PITool i’m getting one or more popups with DP Signal Detection that I need to click away before finally ending up at either an “Signal is poor, Pimax should replace your cable” confirm box or “Signal Found” confirm box. that will both finally let me enter the pitool. there does not seem to be any real difference to the picture.

So is this normal for these test pitool versions or is it just me getting special treatment?


It is working fine for me


Working really good, but there are some confussion:

  • Whe I import a oculus game, it does not run (and lunch) until I specify steam vr config (and the checkbox), so the game run with revive not in native mode (oculus mode).


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Wait, hmm you mean custom imported Oculus game? The SteamVR-compatibility shouldnt affect Oculus games. Now Im confused… what game did you try?

Btw the Beta 0.34 has Game Management now and a bunch of other stuff. Would love it you could give that one a try!


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Thats quite a new feature in PiTool. I agree its quite confusing… I gotta talk to Bill/Alex about this one. Its not really optimal yet. Its supposed to alarm you if DP signal is weak, but sometimes it takes like 20 seconds before it says “Success” , which is annoying… :slight_smile:

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especially when you have to click through 10+ of them… but I guess this means I should rma the cable which is something.


yep… you could also try to change DisplayPort you are usin on your GPU. I found out quite long ago (actually at CES) that these 3 DP ports on 2080Ti GPUs behaves all completely different. Seems to be different signal strength on each. Worth a try, at least! :slight_smile:


I had the exact same experience on my ROG Strix 2080Ti OC. Swapped monitor and headset and all was well (with 5m extension cable). This is on a 5K+.

Before swapping I couldn’t get PiTool past the DP init state (don’t remember the exact number but it might have been 10600?).

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