Best manual settings for brightness and contrast (5K Plus & PiTool 121 Beta)

Before I start to fiddle with the settings myself I would like to know if there is some kind of common sense by now which settings work best. So feel free to name your manual settings for brightness and contrast.


There isn’t a consensus, fiddle away. :smile:
B -5 C -1, would prefer more contrast but too bright for vampires


Truth some games/programs have built in video adjustments.

A lot really comes down to personal preferences. Still pics with info might work best.


Here are two examples

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Open this in a vr desktop app

Adjust sliders until all boxes are visible and distinct as possible. This is generally going to yield the most well rounded results.

Me personally adjust per game if I’m going to be playing for a spell. Like 0laying the forest it makes sense for me to have contrast and backlight up more to really make sunlight not feel artificial.