Berlin backer meetup

@deletedpimaxrep1 I have received the email with the information about the venue (when, where), but it does not answer any questions regarding the hardware, software. Could you answer those:

  • How many 8K and 5K headsets will be demoed?
  • What will be the PC configuration?
  • Which games/apps will be available?
  • Which version of basestation (V1,V2)?
  • Which controllers will be used?
  • How long is one slot?

I was concerned the email would be limited in terms of details. People really need to know more information before deciding to spend the money to make the trip!


Details will be shared early next week.

Many thanks, although early next week is cutting it a bit fine for people to plan whether they will be attending or not. Are you able to confirm any of the questions raised by @risa2000 today please? i.e.

-How many 8K and 5K headsets will be demoed?
-What will be the PC configuration?
-Which games/apps will be available?
-Which version of basestation (V1,V2)?
-Which controllers will be used?
-How long is one slot?


cannot confirm yet, but to give you a basic idea:

  • around 3 sets of demo, including 8k & 5k
  • 1080ti
  • still selecting games
  • tbc, M2 is compatible with both
  • vive controllers
  • around 100 backers signed up, for each slot 5-10min

confirmed info will be shared before the meetup.
Testers will do live streaming for those cannot attend.


Many thanks, that’s most useful.
I am excited that the development process is moving forward and I wish you all the best with the product!

What’s the date its happening?

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can anyone share with not expensive hotel info near this location ?
where you guys plan to stay at night ?

Hi, hmm, does,13.2863382,14.85z/data=!4m8!2m7!3m6!1sHotels!2sIllusion+Walk+KG,+Sophie-Charlotten-Straße+31,+14059+Berlin!3s0x47a8512a2dd8badf:0x50b246e829fcccf2!4m2!1d13.28729!2d52.51547 help?

As surely some others I am still undecided of whether the event is worth travelling to Berlin (time, flight, hotel).
Till then i guess enough spots stay open at least on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

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I signed up, but I’m not sure if I’ll fly to Berlin for 5 minutes :expressionless:


5 to 10 mins? Dont blink!! lol


I agree, 5-10 minutes demo‘s are nice to get a very rough impression, like I did with the V2, but I expected more hands-on time.

@deletedpimaxrep1: having the demo‘s is cool, but as they seem to turn out rather short just don‘t expect to get too much real feedback from the backers on the M2 - it‘s impossible to come up with any reasonable impression within 5-10 minutes, this will just be a very basic feedback you‘ll get like „wow, love the wide FoV“. I just hope none of your colleagues will come up with the idea to say that such 10 minute demo impressions are good to claim the backers have had a chance to review the M2 for readiness - that would be a joke.


It is vital that mrtv,sweviver and voodoode get a nice long session each


At the same time IFA is in Berlin with 5K Star VR! Pimax can have a look how a good HMD is done :wink:

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@deletedpimaxrep1 you said in kickstarter update that the first backer meetup would be in 8/31 to 9/2

but someone post a image that the meetup is only 9/1 and 9/2 . the 31 is only for the testers?


100 backers, that will be Judgement Day! Cant wait to hear about it.


Maybe very basic feedback yes, but when you hear 80 out of those 100 people saying they loved it then i am reassured and confident we wil get a great product… and if almost all those people say its crap then for me it’s a sign that it’s a failure (so far).

So considering Pimax is organising this event i think and hope the first will happen. :slight_smile:

i mean can you imagine 100 angry Germans shouting to Pimax: Was zum Teufel ist das für Scheiße!! LOL
(Google translation: what the hell is this shit!!)

Nah, i’m confident the M2 must be good now…


I am pretty confident about that too, provided they demo the serious crop of games.

But looking at the development the communication between Pimax and the testers seems to have taken, I would guess there are some issues which the testers would really like to verify if/to which degree these have been resolved with the M2, and would wish to test it. So that means they will not be super-obvious by nature, that you would immediately spot them within 10 minutes as a backer unexperienced with the 8K.

It is a fair question to ask if such remaining issues deserve to be considered as show stoppers on the long run, or as imperfections one can be expected to live with. And this may exactly be the point which Pimax and the testers disagree about. But as we simply do not really have any proper insight, it is moot to take this any further.

Bottomline for me is that the test surely will serve as a good indicator if there are bigger issues, because those would be reported by the testers. But if they have nothing to complain about, it may still mean that there are kinks which would affect us when using it for hour. Unless the beta testers who try the M2 during this meeting too, react enthusiastically. But I do not really expect that to happen, it‘s not a Hollywood movie…


I registered for Berlin and signed 2 slots, because I want to test the 8K and the 5K… there are 100 time slots and at the moment 55 are booked. Taking into regard, that other guys booked 2 slots too, like me, there are actually 30-40 backers maximum going to Berlin in my opinion…

After the answer from @deletedpimaxrep1 and the statement a time slot is about 10 minutes, I really don’t know if I’m going. I will cancel my slots definitely if the announced games will be kind of Beat Saber or Fruit Ninja. That said, I will lose interested then to go to Berlin, even though I live in Hannover (270km away from Berlin).

Driving some kilometers is not my problem, I will be at the Sim Racing Expo that weekend, driving about 950 kilometers… but I will only drive such distances if it’s worth the ride… so me attending Sim Racing Expo you see my use for the headset, so why driving to Berlin if there are only casual games to test…

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What is the sense of this meetup?? 40-50 bakers say: " that is a good hmd", " I like it", and then? Do we have to wait for another green light of the former M1 testers or what? Which green light will count? Will the production then begin???