Basic referenceTest configuration with 2 regular monitors in 1440p

@VoodooDE, @SweViver, @mixedrealityTV

Hi guys, not the most “flashy” idea, but could you not make a reference test bench using 2 regular monitors in 1440p and test the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 TI. Rendering the VR setup a 60hz, 72hz, 80hz, 90hz and bench some reference games like in the reviews.

Comparing those results with the ones obtain with the 8K and 5K+ we could infer how much optimization from Pimax is possible. For me one thing is certain I will not buy and 2080TI in the next 12 months

I don’t know if steam can be setup-ed like this @Davobkk @D3Pixel @neal_white_iii, @FatalXception ? The missing VR controller would probably limit the types of game we can test but seated games would be good candidates

Usign 2 HDMI would reduce the similarity with the 8K and 5K+ results but this idea behind this is to find a upper limit to what maximum FPS we could be achieve with “current” GPU in 1440p dual screen :wink:

Just and idea and more a science experiment I know…

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