Basestation update please

@anon74848233 please give us an update, when Basesatations are ready to be delivered…
As more and more backers get their devices you should be in contact with Valve and give an update…ETA?



The ETA of base station and controllers are Q2 2019


@anon74848233 Will you demo controller at CES in January?


Ok so we definitely need to buy the vive set too. 3dof, movies yeaaahhh… No.

Yeah @PimaxVR @anon74848233 I’ve spend nearly 3000€ for the 90% new Pimax proof PC build , do you think I’m safe to spend another ~400€ to get a vive set (controllers+basestations) until you get the controllers shipped somewhere in next July or so, or is it money wasted? :angry:


So Pimax is secretly testing the final version of the controllers with dozens of users covered by the NDA?

Building a knucles-like controller is not an easy task, I think you’ll need a massive beta-test before going into production, deadlines seem very short to me, congrats to Pimax if they can, but so far very few deadlines have been achieved.

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Yea make that Q3 or Q4 and be realistic. Use an internal Q2 target but don’t communicate that to your backers. Just try to achieve Q2, everyone will be happy with the surprise and if it isn’t possible nobody will be let down.


Xunshu said before something like “Oh controllers are gonna be easy to make”

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As usual :wink:

But Pimax has never built a controller before. I understand that Valve shouldn’t be taken as an example of development speed, but the EV3 still has a lot of problems


If you do like touch then they are not that hard to make but do something like knuckels were all fingers are tracked, know how hard you press and so on that takes its time, tocuh controllers dont eve have a gyro in them so they can tell how fast/hard you move the controller.

Are you kidding ??? Q2 2019 for basestations ??? And you have waited until now to disclose this “information” after we have asked you so many times about a BS delivery update ?!!

So what we must understand from this is a year ago you have let people pay for basestations for which you had absolutely ZERO secured deal with the supplier…

I’m calling this a money grab, nothing less. You even have now also pre-orders for which you won’t be able to supply base stations with the HMDs…

Seriously, what are you thinking pimax ??? What are these VR experts praising VR excellence and thinking no positionnal tracking for monthes is fine ??

That’s enough with this uncertainty joke regarding basestations. You have been hidding the truth about this total lack of secured deal with the basestation supplier for a full year now, reporting delivery from January 2018 to April 2018, then to October 2018, and now “MAYBE” between April-July 2019 !!??

Considering such an insanly late BS delivery date (with even still a 0 level of confidence) I think you must offer a BS refund to people asking for it so they can buy a used vive and won’t have to wait for monthes (or even another year maybe ?) to have a fully functionnal HMD…

Really I’m pissed about what you did there pimax. Taking money from people for BS you knew you had no secured deal at all with the supplier… This is pure dishonesty, at best this is unbelievable amateurism… Tell us again the 4K is a proof you are not noobs in the VR industry ! No positionnal tracking with the pimax until April to July 2019 or possibly even later ! Come on Pimax !!.. What a joke…

neelrocker you dont have any use for lighthouses without controllers and if you have vives wand v2 you have v2 lighthouses.

@Skidrow VR flight sim users absolutely do need those base stations but could get by without controllers.


If we’ll get the lighthouses and controllers provided by Pimax before the end of June 2019, I will eat my hat.
Better start looking for a Vive set. Or consider investing on XTAL.

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I will watch this, and remind you!


bookmarked! Lol

@anon74848233 plz ship before that day so we can watch @TrevorVR eat his hat :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yes but i will get to choose the hat. I’ll take the one thats made of cotton candy.


no lighthouse means no positional tracking. controllers has nothing to do with the need for positional tracking.
I want positional tracking when I play racing sims, flightsims, any game (or app) I play with a joypad or kbd and mouse, even just for watching movies.

3DOF vr just sucks I personnaly don`t call this vr anymore. vr is necessarily 6DOF for me in any situation. vr controllers are just an addition to that (and today those a just wands tomorrow they will be haptic gloves)


I agree with neelrocker. 3dof isn’t VR. Lighthouses are so much more necessary than controllers.

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Are you absolutely sure? Pimax last stated Q4 2018 for LH, and most of us probably anticipated a slip into Jan 2019 or so…(especially now that we’re sat in the middle of December) but casually dropping that its Q2 that gives the potential of 6-9months delay? What’s happened with the Lighthouses?