Base Station flashing red light not working

One of my base stations is flashing red, and is not working.
I’ve submitted a ticket to Pimax support, but in the meantime, any ideas on a possible cause or fix that doesn’t involve sending it back to Pimax?

Woah I just came here to post the same thing.

Flashing red light on one basestation. Weird thing is, I kind of think it may still be working. It shows up in PiTool menu, SteamVR menu and in the SteamVR virtual sphere environment. ALSO, I just noticed it back to green for a bit…then flashing red again.

I contacted Pimax and they offered to RMA it but I have a feeling it will take months, plenty of reminder check-ins and I may never get one back.

Yeah mine was working two until today. But even when it was working I think they must’ve been something wrong because suddenly my tracking image got all jittery and occasionally it would go black screen and then bounce back to normal. Even when it stopped working and steam couldn’t find it I still got a few jitters probably because steam was searching for it while trying to work. I don’t know. But the jitters disappeared when I turn base tracking off.
Of course with no base tracking the immersive experience isn’t very good. So I’ll probably RMA it.

There is not much you can do. The bases are fully autonomous, so the red flash means some internal safe check fails. It could be the motor stabilizer, it could be the laser…

LH v1 had some diagnostics, which the headset could read out even when the motors or laser failed, but I am not sure this still works on LH v2. My bet would be more on some proprietary BT LE diagnostic protocol. Either way, unless you really want to tinker with the hardware (which, for what concerns the laser, might even be a serious health hazard), you better just RMA it.

Is there any way it could be a bluetooth failure at my computer’s end?
I noticed yesterday that for some reason bluetooth- even in device manager- is missing from windows 10.
There is no switch to turn it on in settings anymore either.
This is weird. I wonder if I somehow deleted it or it got corrupted and lost during a windoze update?

Turn off your computer, turn on the base station. If it flashes red it is an internal problem with the base and has nothing to do with your computer.


An excellent suggestion! Thanks so much!

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