Base Station Experiment and adding a 2nd 2.0?

For the last month I’ve been conducting a little experiment with 1.0 and 2.0 Base Stations. The reason why? I’ve been having the drifting / jitter or movements while my head is being still say in the Steam VR home or it’s more prevalent in a race car in Iracing especially with a SFX-100 DIY motion sim turned on. I know EMI can cause this but I’ve tried Chokes, rings and filters.

I wanted to find out and test whether a 1.0 base station would be more still and indeed there was much less drifting or movement. Only issue was when the headset was touched on the left or right sides, the tracking would be lost, more so with the motion sim on. In my instance, the 1.0 is more sensitive. To regain the tracking, the headset had to be taken off and rotated 180 degrees. This is not ideal especially while trying to adjust something. The 2.0 Base Station is much more forgiving.

So I tried another 2.0 Base Station. This time a Vive brand. The first 2.0 is a Valve boxed version complete with longer power cable and wall mount. The Vive branded Base Station is identical to the Valve version apart from a shorter power cable and no wall mount. I tested this and it had similar drifting/jitters or movements compared to the Valve version. So I’ve decided to sell the HTC 1.0 Base Station. I haven’t decided on a price yet.

Before I making a decision about selling the HTC Vive 2.0 Base Station.

I’d like to ask about where’s the possibility of mounting a 2nd Base Station in my room on the right wall so the tracking works?

I don’t have the option of moving my rig around as I have set the layout of my room and this works. Currently my rig sits 1070mm to the left of the right wall. The ceiling is 2800mm tall. I have a picture rail which I use for the current Base Station and I made a wall bracket as I don’t want to drill into the Brick Cement walls. This is 2100mm high. My seat is between 1100-1200mm back from the facing wall.

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The LH v2.0 are all Valve’s. They are the only mfgr.

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At this stage after adding the 2nd base station today, the drifting / jitters or movements have stabilised say while in a Race Car in Iracing!
I made another wall board to mount it on and it’s approximately 2.5 meters up and angled to the center where the player sits. I used the Base Station FOV viewer program to align the IR beam as close as possible. I’ll give an update later but :+1: so far. @Heliosurge @Chumet @PimaxQuorra


Sounds great.

Although Valve states that Light Houses should be mounted in opposite corners, diagonal (Hope I got that term correct) :laughing:

but who am I to argue :slightly_smiling_face: you do what works best for your specific setup and needs :+1:


I thought about mounting the 2.0 BS say at a 5 o’clock or behind position @MrAhlefeld, but changed that idea as I wanted to avoid drilling into the cement brick walls. Also the seat might obstruct the BS IR beam possibly.

Whilst being in the car; a Ferrari 488 GTE, for the duration I was using it while parked and sitting still. The 2.0 BS first person view stability was on par with the 1.0 I had experienced. I’ll take that as a win for now.


I’ve decided to sell the HTC 1.0 Base Station. ~LINK~ to listing on Open MR Forums

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