Backlight control is amazing!

Backlight control is amazing.

That is all.

Because the 8kX backlight control allows near complete darkness, it can be used to reduce eyestrain with Virtual Desktop, completely darken night flight (DCS World), or brighten up to near daytime (DCS World). I find values of 8, 22, 43, 55, and 95, most useful .

If we were able to set this by command line program (ie. VoiceAttack voice command macro), that would be extremely useful.


@arminelec so.

Add voice command support to PE. It would likely have to function as a background app, like Pitool

Either that or even better…are you ready for this?

Allow us to bind the backlight brightness to the volume buttons on the headset!!


NO. We have plenty of resources to do this, besides the inexpensive and very well worth paying for application VoiceAttack (as it deals effectively with the nuisances of another proprietary product - MSW).

We need interfaces to external programs. Absolutely, that must be done first.


True I have Voice Attack. All that Pimax would have to do is allow binding of keys to the back light so tha tyou could then use VA to control it.

But I do like the idea of the volume buttons to control it, as I dont use them for anything and it would radical to be able to change the brightness as I play “willy-nilly”

You can always draw up a simple PCB with a tiny Arduino, a few buttons, and USB1 HID, wired in like any other headset accessory. I am working on many such things these days…

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Gotta voice my love for espressif, if you’re into making a lot of hobbyist stuff on your own PCBs the ESP8266 and ESP32 are much smaller and more potent than atmel mcus! Great to have wireless functionality too.

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Atmel SAMD21J18 is handy too though! Can be used with very few external components, even without an external crystal oscillator.

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PE does not run while the game is so would be pointless to add the voice commands to it anyway.

My issue with voiceattack last time i tried to used it was that cortana is not available in other than a few select countries so it won’t let me use it’s voice recognition despite it being far better (for me) than windows build in one. unless I tell windows I live somewhere else which has it’s own host of inconveniences.

Lol sure, but I would prefer my Pimax headset not look like this


That’s why I said this.

it wouldn’t be very hard to have a process run in the background even when PE closes.

Also @SweViver or @arminelec even though alot of PE functions require that SteamVR be closed. It would still be useful to consider learning how to create SteamVR overlays because being able to be in-game and simply pop open the menu and change the brightness and color settings in real time would be amazing.

Plus it would give Pimax some “Steam Presence”


It was supposed to be a surprise. But since you mentioned it here, I’ll hint out that a system is underway. It will include closing Steam VR and jumping into PE for the user. No ETA on release.



In the meantime, I use the voice command ‘destruct all’, which terminates the process for SteamVR and Pimax Experience. If I say ‘respond’ , ‘destruct all’ , whatever I am doing, resets everything, and Pimax Experience reloads.

This is also very handy when Pimax Experience started with the headset on a hook, and all the things to pinch at are way off somewhere around nowhere.

I would use that command, but then my Alexa would also trigger my houses self destruct sequence (Don’t ask :slightly_smiling_face: )


I do have lockouts. The command does not work if Elite Dangerous, DCS World, or perhaps some other programs may be running, to prevent accidental unintentional logout. I can also forcibly reset everything by rebooting - I have MSW configured to forcibly terminate everything no matter what if the power button is pressed.

I would like to know if between PE 0,80 and PE 0,84 there are internal versions of PE 0,81; PE 0,82; etc

So at what internal version number are you now …?

I don’t tell to anyone :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I see the messages under the original topic seem to be taking a different direction… Consider joining the weekly livestreams where you can ask questions, on my Twitch cannel.


I use Voice attack for not only voice commands, but I also use it to run macros in DCS as you can bind up to 4 controllers at once in VA. I really love the power of a good profile with my simpit.

Here are a few things I do with them in DCS;

Voice Attack - DCS F-16 Demo on Vimeo
(16)AGR Sidekick - DCS cockpit button macros on Vimeo
Voice Attack DSC F-16 Yardstick on Vimeo
Steerpoints on Vimeo

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Another way to mash buttons in DCS World is to map a controller binding to the mouse. I use ‘down layer’ and ‘joystick button one’ for this, with my ‘switch sim’ and ‘toggle mouse’ voice command moving the mouse to the center of the screen. In this way, I can look and click on buttons. From what I have read, this is a common and effective technique.

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