Backer Tracker is screwed up again

Just thought that I’d mention that someone was nice enough to delete the important columns in the Backer Tracker.
Whoever owns that needs to realize that there are some people dedicated to the failure of Pimax and they will not pass up any opportunity to screw things up for all of us! Lock that list down and dedicate someone to “collect” posts and keep it up to date, please. The hacked Pimax website should be a warning that they will hack/destroy anything Pimax related that they can. I’m kind of surprised that their website isn’t going down more often.
Or they need to realize that most people don’t know how to work Google docs and some are stupid enough to hit buttons without knowing what they do!
Either way, that doc doesn’t help if the screw ups can’t be fixed.


It’s ok, the owner will roll back to normal state.

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Doesn’t look as if that’s going to happen. I guess the Backer Tracker is now defunct. Oh well, it was useful for a while.

Just switch to the first doc’s page. It’s recovered


Dang! Completely missed that! Thank you!!!

And Thank you to whoever fixed it!!!