Backer 55xx have my pimax!, impressions

Pimax came by UPS.

Quick impressions.

Installed the pi tool with beta brainwarp.

Some wonkiness:

Hmd could not be seen by pi tool when plugged into my usb 3 pci card, so connected to MB usb 3 and it then found it. Room setup in pi tool easy, controllers paired easily. Launched steamVR (beta) Would not load, had to turn off streamVR home in steamVR settings. Then had issues with hmd being found by pi tool again. Reboot fixed it.

Also had issues when rebooting the hmd using pi tool making the hmd show as not tracked by pi tool. Had to exit and restart pi tool. (This happend a few times) also notice when I exit steamVR and turn off the HMD controllers do not auto turn off. I have to manually turn them off.
Seems like steamVR is also launching automatically when I launch PI Tool.

Now that I got everything working I could try out a few things.

Screen clarity is really good (I’m coming from an OG vive) I can easily read text in virtual desktop. Very impressed. Screen door barely noticeable.

Big sweet spot, but you need to have the HMD on your head just right.

Colors look good, obviously not as good as oled but still fine for me.
Blacks are ok. Not close to oled but can live with it.

Fov is great. It looks like a wide ski mask.Still can see black sides, but so much better than all other hmd’s I have used.

For games I tried compound first. Had FFR setting on and weird thing was happening were the right screen was jaggier than the left. Turned off FFR fixed it. Game looks like I’m in a crazy 8 bit world. Large FOV looked awesome in this game, colors great and performance was good.

Other game I tried was Fall out 4 VR
Had to turn parallel projection on.
Turned on FFR and brain warp. Normal fov. In game have TAA on and Anisotropic filtering 2x

Game looks amazing. Can read everything now. So crisp. Can tell the frame rate is not good but not getting sick and it totally playable (to me)not sure what my FPS was but frame time was around 25ms.

The are some artifacts from FFR too, but not bad and was fine playing. Resolution Looks close to playing on desktop awesome. FOV makes the world come in. Awesome.

Need to connect the DAS. I have the 3D printed parts, I think that will help keep the hmd in the sweet spot. Also I need get a thicker foam to block out some light coming in from the side where the cushion does not touch my face.

I am using my glasses but they seem too close for comfort. I really need the lens inserts.

So far after about an hour, I’m pretty happy.

This is VR 2.0


Congrats man. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Hope all improves with more time and dialing in. Excited for mine to arrive to share in the glory.


Congrats sounds like you have things going good & happy. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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Quick question, On your label, where in the US did the package ship from?

OR - does anyone know if there is more than one ship site within
the US and where is it located?

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The origin scan was New York

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I placed the vive wide foam under the pimax foam and it is working well. Plenty of room for glasses i would say now. For me it was the nose that was painful before, i have a narrow IPD. I placed a piece of adhesive velco to hold it in place. Real comfortable now. I also tried pitool .95 and .103 and am now trying .91. .103 was the worst i believe… Enjoy


Can you post any pictures too? I need my glasses too and i have no space for them :frowning:

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Hold on …

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So do you recommend the Pi_Tool with Beta Brainwarp? what version number is it?
Thanks, i’m also printing parts for my HTC DAS.

Checkout @Timo.H1 velcro layering mod.

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