Backer 4846 not received shipping confirmation or date still!


I have filled in my survey information and 10 days ago your support team said they would ship the headset but your support email bounces now and I do not know how to get an answer from your team.

Maybe @Matthew.Xu you can help bump the delivery speed a bit? I have been waiting for quite a while now and my friends (some with a higher backer number) have already received theirs where as mine hasn’t even started shipping!!

Please help,



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i too am awaiting but soon now surely


I make 3, I too am waiting in Texas. Backer #6788. No tracking no. No shipping updates in UPS my choice. How long do we wait until we can declare a shipment lost? So many preorders are out now. We have nothing yet.


If its any consolation, backer # 6775 and was in exactly your position until last Tuesday with sudden tracking number from Fedex and delivery a day later. I think yours will drop out of the blue in the same way.

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