Aux port broken (5k+)

Hey guys just wanted to ask if any of you also have a broken audio jack…


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In what way is it broken?

No right side audio anymore…

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You’re not alone - Olive

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There were some reports here about a loose audio connector. Is yours perfectly flush with the case, or is rather inside? Either way, you can test the left and right channels in Windows Sound control panel that indeed it is the right channel which is missing (and not a connection of the right channel pole) and then file support ticket.

When I first got mine I thought it was broken, then I just pushed it harder, felt a kind of satisfying click and voila I had stereo :wink:


Mine is flush but wiggling, sound is totally gone now. Real shame cause my second 5k+ was perfect otherwise :disappointed_relieved:

I just received my 5k plus yesterday and when I plugged my Deluxe audio strap into the headphone jack I noticed there was no sound on the left side, only the right was outputting. I can get the left side to play sometimes if I pull the jack out a little. I plugged in some Apple EarPods and get the same results. It is definitely a problem. I opened a support ticket but have not heard anything back. Where is Kevin Henderson, US Head of Operations and Company Spokesperson at Pimax VR when we need him.

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Hey just got mine today and have the exact same issue. I emailed support and hopefully get a timely response