Audio volume lowering down by itself

Since the last couple of weeks my hmd (5k plus) started to automatically turn the volume down until it reaches 0, if i am using other audio devices and my hmd is turn on, it lower the sound volume of this devices too. The only way to fix this is to maintain the volume up button on the hmd, and then up the volume with my mouse on the desktop, but as soon as i let go the up volume button it start to lower again.
So my 5k+ is pretty much unusable right now, any idea of what could it be or how to fix?


I would suggest filing a support ticket to get that process started.

You could try to disable other Audio devices to see if stops this behavior. But have my doubts. It is either maybe something that can be checked and fixed with a Support Teamviewer session. Or might be something with the volume down switch.


Already filled the support ticket, waiting for an answer, thanks for the help!.


Perhaps you might be able to fix it by using the audio troubleshooter.


I tried another pc and is the same. At first it seems to be ok on the other pc, but as soon as i touched the volume button it happen again, so i think the problem is on the button itself. I may have to disassemble my pimax and clean buttons the contacts pads.

Thanks for the help.

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