At least 3 Delivered to the UK!

I just noticed that there are 3 posts stating that 3 people from the UK just got their headsets!
It’s progress! I’ve got my fingers crossed for Aesopfabled!
Go go go!


<sarcasm mode> But surely they are just blowing smoke up our posteriors, Pimax never tells truth and they never even produced a second batch, let alone sent it, all of it is a conspiracy to con backers out of their money. I demand a refund. </sarcasm mode>

Anyway, good for them, I’ll have to wait for mine a couple of months still. :expressionless:

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3 down, only around 16,000 to go…


As a UK backer this is exciting news. Looks like getting mine before Christmas break is not likely, but it’s reassuring that they are actually slowly delivering.

Got 2 tracking numbers, delivery to german by dpd

Don’t forget to check the compost bin after DPD was there…:grinning: