ASUS - TUF DASH 15 + Pimax

So the new gen intel processor laptops were released recently, but most only have usb-c (display port seems to be going away). Has anyone tested a pimax headset on any of these with a usb-c to display port adapter?

Specifically looking at the ASUS - TUF DASH 15. Willing to consider something else in the same price range if it’s confirmed working with a Pimax 8KX.

Why go with an Intel CPU now?

From a best buy review

“The usb c is wired to the integrated graphics which makes the laptop unusable for vr, which is pretty dissaponting for a 3070 laptop”. You’ll find almost every single laptop wires thunderbolt to the integrated gpu, it’s infuriating. Even my work laptop (thinkbook) wires the thunderbolt to the integrated GPU, and since it only has a single HDMI port… multi monitor = no discrete GPU. totally terrible considering we got these for CAD.

I’ll again hype up the HP omen 2021 for having a mini dp 1.4 port. It’s more expensive, but a better laptop in every way. I understand the push to have less and less ports on devices, but manufacturers need to learn that common practice doesn’t fly for laptops with discrete gpus. The dash has only 3 brightness settings, which is just weird. Wait for a deal, or grab the 3060 omen imo. I dont see many other options that will work for VR.

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