Assetto Corsa Competizione Worse Performance in recent updates?

I had HAGS off but apparently no page file set.

After setting a pretty large page file it now loads fine and uses pretty much the full 24GB of VRAM available.

What settings do you recommend for the graphics section?

Also, I notice that although the interior and exterior are rendered correctly and very sharp, all foliage appears to not be rendered in 3D, making it look strange and somewhat shimmering. Is there a recommended fix?

Thanks for your support, quite excited to get this set up together with my motion rig.

nice i can get a screen shot from game settings

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use taa ,

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i have mirrors off eating alot fps, contact shadow off

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Yes please, a screenshot of your settings would be fantastic!

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pixeldensity is up to you . i use 110-120 depends track

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“spectatorScreenMode”: 0 in vrsettings saves some fps

force-d3d12 -USEALLAVALIABLECORES : in start launch in steam.


You use this line in the game’s launch properties?

Absolutely fantastic, thanks!

How do you like your NLR tack racer motion sim setup? It’s 4 DOF, right (Yaw and traction loss via the base, tilt and lean via the seat mover)?

I’m using a DOFreality P3 together with wind, buttkicker and shake kit and absolutely love it with motion compensation!

Mine below :wink:


Please let me know if you use those as ACC launch properties or if you use that line for STEAM itself?

ACC launch properties is correct .

NLR is amazing :grinning:

and i type it in exactly this way into the ACC steam launch properties?

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One other questions - where is “spectatorScreenMode”? its not in the engine.ini file. What file and where is it?


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I’d like to know this too tbh.

Even better would be a quick screenshot of the launch properties in Steam :wink:

@MikeJeffries that’s quite the setup you have, amazing! What motion sim are you using?

I spent the last 9 months almost exclusively in AC OG with a lot of great mods, so far I have to say that even with the engine.ini etc, ACC looks worse in VR than a modded AC. Do you find the same?

What sims are you guys racing the most?

EDIT: from what I gather it should be

rather than

EDIT 2: it appears the correct command for forcing DX12 is
-dx12 or -d3d12

@godiz: can you comment on this please?

Im confused now. Whats the correct parameter line to use?