Assetto Corsa 8K VIDEO

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is it v3…or what can u tell us !!

Did they stick a camera into the headset while someone is wearing it?
It would be interesting to see how exactly this was produced.

Looks great, but there’s absolutely no context. A little detail will go a long way @PimaxVR @Matthew.Xu :slight_smile:

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Your absolutly right. A few details would help

@Matthew.Xu @bacon

What version prototype V2/V3?
What FPS setting 75/82/90Hz?
What computer are you using?

Please be honest
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Got it,I will check and update


Many thanks Mr. Bacon.

sorry i have to give you a face palm

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Personality, i really don’t like the streched image/sidewindow. What’s the need foto a wide fov if the image becomes distorted? Takes all the ‘real’ away.

What you see on the screen is not what you will see with the lenses in place. It won’t look stretched like that.

The distortion is due to a 3D image being “projected” onto a flat 2D screen. The stretching shouldn’t be noticeable in VR. Try this: Get very close to the screen, run the video in full-screen mode, close your right eye, and position your left eye 2-3 inches (5-8cm) in front of the car’s dashboard. Continue looking straight ahead and you will notice that the stretched portion of the screen looks completely normal (out of the corner of your eye).


Thanks, both of you. I didn’t know. :wink: