As an 8kX Full Pledge Backer, should i make use of Upgrade Plan F?

I’d like to share some of my thoughts, in the hope someone can correct or extend them:
At the moment I don’t see a reason why I should make use of Upgrade Plan F.

Because buying the Controllers directly from Valve and keep my Full Pledge seems to be the far better option:

1.) You know exactly how much you will pay in forward. At least in comparison to the Upgrade Plan F.

  • Because if you use Upgrade Plan F Pimax will send you the Controllers (probably) from China, so it ‘might’ be that you have to pay additional Tax which can be quite high.

2.) You have a secured guarantee.

  • In case your Controllers have a defect you can exchange them on Valve instead of sending them back to Pimax (China?).
  • Also, it’s more likely in my humble opinion that Valve keeps existing in comparison to Pimax with all their history of ‘strange’ communication and behavior. If you are living in the EU you have a 2-year statutory guarantee, instead of only 1 year from Pimax.
  • It’s even not 100% sure how long the guarantee from Pimax is.

3.) You will get the Pimax Controllers additionally. Which you can sell at a later point.

Option 1. You Switch to Upgrade Plan F:

  • You get no Pimax Controllers from Pimax
  • But you will get the Index Controllers from Pimax
  • You have to pay 240$ (+ maybe Tax)
    = 240$ (+ maybe Tax) to pay

Option 2. You stick onto your Full Pledge

  • You pay 300$ to Valve and get the Index Controller directly from them
  • Additionally, you get the Pimax Controllers somewhen 2020/21.
    = 300$ to pay, but you can sell the Pimax or Valve Controllers later.
    = As long you sell the Pimax or Valve Controllers for > 60$ you are equal if not better then Option 1.

P.s.: I have already the HTC Vive base stations, therefore, I could use Valve Index Controllers without being dependent on the Basestations from Pimax.

Open Questions:

  1. How long is the guarantee for Pimax components
  2. Will Pimax send the Basestations even without the controllers in the near future - even when not using the Upgrade Plan F. Or do they send them only together with their controllers together. I’ve asked the question here:
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Taxes are two charges :

  1. Iva
  2. Customs

Iva for eu changes from country to country. Italy for example is 21%. You always pay iva. So if they send trom UK instead of China is the same

For customs (until UK is inside EU) is different BUT


For headsets custom in Italy is Zero, is nothing

So why people having a vr headset from china or something else pays more ?
Because their logistic do not write what it is it!
And at customs they add for example 7%
The amount is bigger and you pay iva on that

I have made a post on that more precise, now they have a lot of work

I will try again making a ticket in next days

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For those of you wondering, IVA is VAT in Italy.

Fabrizio, please use English terms when writing in English.

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Damn, I thought Iva was @Fabrizio’s wife :wink:


Well, he did say you always pay Iva. He does have a point there.