Artisan, First Impressions with 13 Games

Hey guys !
Ok I am sorry, I write and read and listen lots of english but I dont talk it much so my accent is awful, I am sorry about this but there are my first impressions of the Artisan with 13 games :

Salut à tous, voici mes premières impressions de l’Artisan avec 13 jeux :


Hi, how much did u pay It by AliExpress?

It was with a few % off when I got it at 439$, shipping is 49$ to france.


you dont get the comfort kid when you order the pimax artisan on ali express i think

So you didn’t pay tax…(vat…) Good

But I did pay 41€ taxes once arrived :confused:

@john2910 they will send them once back in stock actually


Update on the ARTISAN
I just installed it on my son computer, running on a 1060gtx 6go it run Pavlov very well !
And I noticed the SMALL FoV is not as small as the 8k one.
I am not even sure that I made my tests on the normal one lol :confused:


Thanks for the informative video. With its lower price point, the Artisan might be something I could recommend.

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Ok that it’s dogana tax not Vat…so you were lucky

Your accent is fine. I had no trouble understanding you. Your english is much better than my french! It made me reminisce of a vacation (long ago) in Paris and the French countryside (wine country).


Thank you.
But when I listen to me I remind me those scammers from India calling to fix your computer lol.


Hi, do you have problems with the picture in the helmet when working in 90Hz? when changing it, it is very dark and sometimes flickers … and what other pitool do you use?

I only tried 90hz on steam home but didn’t notice flickering.
Using it with 254a Pitool.

I don’t even know what is dark in the pimax moon with what it is connected …

I am sorry I …dont understand :thinking:

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Hey guys
I am so amazed how good is the Artisan SDE that I watched some macro shots of other headsets and I understand why it looks so good.
Check this out, look how space between pixels is small according to their sizes :
Artisan :
8kX :


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