[Article] $6,000 XTAL Headset Has What VR Needs: Hands-On

$6,000 XTAL Headset Has What VR Needs: Hands-On

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Weird. I thought @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE and @SweViver we’re working with Xtal on a consumer version. The article is quoting the CEO at CES saying they are not making one.


Yea you would think that CES would be a great opportunity to start marketing the “new” consumer version of the XTAL.

However they are taking advice from the 3 musketeers as to what they think we want in a consumer headset so maybe they are just not ready to expose the Consumer version just yet.

So they are still marketing the 6 thousand dollar version here at CES

Yeah. It makes me feel the consumer XTAL is going to take a long time to come out as they aren’t even talking about it as a possibility to the press. And also if it does come out it looks like it will be very expensive.

Pimax really has the advantage now … but again, Pimax greatest enemy is themselves.

Things are looking a lot better though.

Valve is the last major competitor that could have something out soonish (or not)

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