Are you going to recommend us to change from 8k to 5k due to the problem of graphic cards?

@anon23564932 @Pimax-Support
Do you want us to change our 8k unit to the 5k?

I remember that at the beginning of camapaña we were promised among many other things …
a spectacular fov

an impressive resolution

optimal performance for the 8k

They said I was going with a 1070 and a wonderful Soft that worked with brain warp, eiiiiinnn?

be serious and optimize software, modify hardware, lenses etc … to offer what in the kickstarter camapaña we knew how to sell very well.

I continue with my question in the forum, and had no response from any member of pimax.

@anon23564932 What happened with the v3 version that our Spanish companion Omg check, what made him become a patricinator?

They showed a V3 unit with a different hardware than the one they are sending to the testers?

lenses that are not reproduced en masse because of the extra costs?

please, modify what is necessary to send what they have promised all this time


it looks like the performance in the games is very poor on cards below 1080, according to this pimax asks about your equipment and plans for its upgrade. if you do not want to upgrade your equipment, you can change 8K to 5K with additional options. If you are ready to get poor productivity in games and are not afraid of it, stay at 8K

SweVR tested lots with his gtx1070 laptop. Let’s wait for his reports from that before making assumptions and rash decisions.
All that was said by Pimax is that a gtx 1070 won’t be able to get the most out of the 8K. they never said it wouldn’t work at all.
If foveated rendering becomes a thing then we may even see even lower end cards than 1070 become viable.
Brainwarp, no clue. Haven’t heard anything about it at all. Afaik, it’s not in use by the testers of the M1 though.

By the way, in case any of you have missed it, check Xunshu’s post here:


I wouldn’t pin your hopes on foveated rendering. That’s still in the experimental/development phase. We’ll probably have 1280 GPUs before we start to see widespread support for it. As for BrainWarp, I’m a bit dubious that it will work well. My concern is that there will be annoying strobing or that it will trigger headaches and/or nausea. If it was a real solution, I don’t think Pimax would be asking us about our low-end GPUs.


I’m still confused why you’d need to super sample the 8k so much. This isn’t necessary on the Pimax 4k. What’s different this time?

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My understanding is that the wider FOV means that the center area won’t be using quite as many pixels, that is, the 8K has slightly fewer pixels per degree (of vision).

Myself being a laptop 1070 user for now, was just planning on running my res at 1080 and having that upscaled by the headset.

Goto to bells and whistles when I build a system that can deal with it. No great loss and it should still look sweet compared to current headsets and or using a flat screen.