Are these Pitool 2.0 images real?

These popped up on Reddit from some random user, they look legitimate but no one has been able to say clearly if they are real or not.


I find this very interesting

But the mention of the 3090ti makes me doubt. Or can it now do VR?

Ive never had any issues with my 3090ti


@zuiquan1 Yeah, a lot of VR users (not just Pimax) have had issues with 3090 Ti cards unfortunately. It may be down to certain manufacturers. Let’s just hope it doesn’t carry over to the 4000 series. Good to hear yours is working. You should report the model in the related 3090 Ti thread here on these forums.

I know plenty of people in VR with a 3090ti. There are some issues but it’s not a reason to doubt these images imo.

Then it’s time to pop the champagne corks
Pimax, gib 12k ! :pi_thumbsup:

Note that it doesn’t say PiTool anywhere.

I seem to remember Pimax saying the Reality series won’t be using “PiTool” anymore, but I’m not sure when or where or if I’m actually remembering correctly.

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Makes sense tbh, “PiTool” sounds like an additional piece of software for tweaking like the “Oculus Debug Tool”.

Just having it show up as “Pimax” in the start menu makes more sense, and just refer to it as the Pimax PC Software or such.

The poster is pretty legit, very knowledgeable, and I’ve joked that if it isn’t legit it is legit-what-it-should look like. I have little doubt as to it’s veracity for several reasons. Wouldn’t you like to see the other tabs though?

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There you go.


Oh yes sorry I meant the other tabs like display, rendering, tobii etc. I mean, thats where the fun stuff is.

But it does say PiTool in the System Tab?

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