Are the Leds on the front of the headset changeable?

Does anyone know if there will there be a software to allow us to change the color of the leds on the front of the headset?

No, I don’t know. However, the rainbow colored LEDs only appeared in early prototypes, as far as I know. All recent images have a bluish backlight (might be white LEDs behind the teal plastic).

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I think you’re right about the teal plastic.

I’m not sure I like the teal plastic. Unless it slowly increases brightness when turned on or something cool like Apple’s laptops with the breathing lights. Otherwise it looks kinda cheap

Well, it’s been backlit in the prototypes. We don’t know about the M1. I’m guessing it just turns on. It would be cool if it faded in or did some sort of animation or pulse with the sound signal of the headphones. I like it because it looks like a robot eye-slit to me and it breaks up the monotony of the huge front faceplate.

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@SweViver I hope its not breaking NDA, so only answer if you are able to: what material is the teal colored chevron made of? Is it just teal plastic?

Today I found out that Pimax must actually be able to change the colors of the LEDs.



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Yes, it uses RGB LEDs. Pimax has said that eventually, they will add user settings to change the color and effect (fade, strobe, etc.) of the chevron LEDs.


Cool. Now I want Knight Rider style animation for my Pimax.


That would be cool, but it might not be possible. Pimax has not indicated whether or not the LEDs are individually controllable. That is, every LED might be restricted to be the same color as the others. I hope that each can be a different color and that animation effects are possible.

However, these sorts of controls should only be implemented after the high-priority tasks are taken care of (5K+ color temperature, 60 and 72 Hz refresh modes, etc. should be completed BEFORE adding fancy LED colors and effects).


100 % agreed on the priorities. Looked like older prototypes had more control over the LEDs showing this nice RGB glow effect. However that could have not been controlled by firmware but some independent circuit.

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Can we actually somehow disable the LEDs? The simple blinking is wired. I mean the whole stripe blinks. It should rather be on all the time or off.

It blinks to show that Compatible with Parallel Projections is checked otherwise it is always on.

Apparently, it’s fully programmable with RGB LEDs. Pimax has said that (eventually) the LEDs will be controllable from PiTool. I would imagine that OFF, selectable color, and blink would be among the first (simple) options.

Yes, Xunshu confirmed that.
Even asked what colors we’d like :smile: