Are MRTV and/or SWEVIVER going to get the 5K BE to test/compare?

Are MRTV and/or SWEVIVER going to get the 5K BE to test/compare?


I hope they do. Going to be checking it out at the NY backer meeting tomorrow but I doubt I’ll have enough time to do proper testing

Looking forward to hearing the feedback on that backer meetup…make sure to get them to put real games on it (same game on all three headsets is the best methodology) rather than only the hand tracking demo they had on at our Los Angeles meetup.

I tried it today at the NY Backer Meet… It’s really difficult to make a comparison with it when you can only try out the Leap motion controller and not other apps. I asked about using other apps but they didn’t have enough VIVE lighthouse controllers and such… That’s a shame I thought… because the demo had these type of explosions when you move your had outside the virtual walls and the colors were amazing. But there is just no way to judge things like SDE from the single app.

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Hmm wonder if I should bring a lighthouse with me

Not sure if they would have the room…

That’s Robin Weng helping out a fellow backer… how cool is that… having the founder of Pimax working with the backers???


Pretty cool. You can just put the lighthouse on the table

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Bring your vive controllers if you have them, they only have one set and that limits what games can be spun up on which headset…that way you can get the lab going on all three to truly compare them. Some guys at our meetup even asked to physically move headsets to the other machines (since it’s not very difficult) and try it there.


Sounds like it, since he spoke of an MRTV review.

If you do, wrap a piece of tape around them to ensure you can id them when ready to leave.

Why was the afternoon session cancelled for tomorrow in NYC?